Aiming problem with weapons and tools! Can be a serious bug!

Since Update 33 or maybe the recent hotfix their is a problem with weapons and tools. You see before this update when you moved your mouse forward or backward your character body and head actually leaned forward or backward allowing you too aim up or down with you weapon/tool. But now this is gone! When I move my mouse the “camera” just move around my character not moving the body or head. And now you can’t hit anything that is too low. For example the tools like pickaxe. You can’t harvest animal bodies with it because it can’t reach it, because your character does not lean forward and can’t aim down.
Only the “camera” is looking up or down.
Here is an old screen shoot example showing my character leaning forward
Leaning forward

Here is an old screen shoot example showing my character leaning backward
Leaning backward

Same problem with fighting. If you use a sword and you have a low profile enemy on an even ground level too close to you like a crocodile or hyena a lot of your attack won’t hit your enemy because your character always attack strait forward and can’t aim up or down with weapons. The new fighting system is working well against human NPC and big creatures, but not with some low profile animal opponents like I mentioned before (hyenas, small scorpions etc.).

Unfortunately I can only show you a screen shoot with a bow where you can see that the bow is not aiming down but strait forward while I shoot down.
Aiming down

I used Imgur so if the pictures can’t be viewed please tell me!

I think this needs to be changed! Or it would be hard to fight at low level with certain weapons against certain enemies! Funcom please make a solution for this! Or people who reading this please tell this to Funcom before launch!


I was trying to fire arrows at a crocodile, and my arm kept getting in the way of my view.

I don’t know if this will help, but I think you are having the same problem as I am. Try going into settings, gameplay, turn on controller style movement, apply it, then go back into settings, gameplay, turn off controller style movement, and apply it. Now your guy should strafe and walk backward instead of turning his whole body the direction you are moving. It also seems to change the camera angle which may help you.

Thanks but it didn’t helped!

And I thing the last hotfix caused this issue! I managed to take some good a screen shoot of the issue!

On this shoot you can see my character is still able to lean forward and harvest with the axe. Was taken before the last hotfix!

Still ok!

But here after the hotfix it started to happen. I made it in vanity mode so everyone can see what I am talking about! I am pointing on the hyena body but my character is just hitting the air!

No good 1!

Not good 2!

Not good 3!

Here is a shoot of the fighting problem I mentioned on low profile enemies. The first, and sometimes the second attack of the left click combo attack and the first click of the right click heavy combo attack does not reach the enemy it goes over it! This also started after the hotfix!

Does not reach!

I hope the issue is clear now.

Im betting this has to do with invisible settings somewhere and you need to do a full reset of all settings (dont ask how I havent looked into it yet).

I can stand on a wall/foundation during a purge and aim straight down on any invaders below me. so cant repo this at all myself. If anything combat has been flawless for me, short of tents nullifying melee attacks. This again tends to make me think there might be hidden settings that were updated for those who owned the game prior to R33.

I started on R33 a lot of the bugs people report I just cant repo. Eg. beehives and wells not working inside a base just as an example… also is autofacing during attack enabled?

Yes auto facing on attack is enabled.

might be relative, just noticed this setting in my game config but its not on the menu?

steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini

That or I would try wiping out the configs and start with fresh ones (ie. rename the folder so it makes a whole new set and you save the originals incase…

I have no such thing in my Game.ini file.

Im guessing this is a PC install… cuz if you dont have that, thats very odd… I started exactly after R33 so I had no prior install or settings. if you had the game before that and now its broken… if it was me I would wipe and move my configs or a full clean install.

you should see it in the [Settings.Gameplay] section

Here is what mine shows


What if I just edit the Game.ini and copy AttackTowardsCamera=False into it? I really don’t wan to wipe! I bought the game in June by the way. And yes it is the PC version not console.

You can try that also. When I meant by wipe I mean just move the settings to another location (or rename them) so the game thinks that they are then missing and normally will just regenerate fresh ones. You keep the originals, to put back into the original place, in case it doesnt work or solve the problem. TSW had a similiar issue in the closed beta days if Im not mistaken.

This problem still exists. It affects tools and even weapons. There are times my tools just swing horizontally and will not strike whatever it is I’m harvesting unless it is elevated high (i.e. the item is on a higher elevation than me, then the tools can strike it).

This also affects weapons, as enemies that are shorter in stature like spiders, hyenas cannot be hit by certain attacks. It’s absolutely infuriating seeing my pikes, 2 handed hammer, etc. swing uselessly overhead of the enemy. The only thing remotely viable are 2 handed swords because the attacks like to scrape along the ground by default.

I have a similar thread when it was affecting my Hoar-Frost Hatchet, but it affects other things now.

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I do not have the ‘can’t aim down’ problem, but i regularly have issues with tools not hitting rocks (no such problem with iron and coal nodes), and i regularly have issues with my weapons not hitting npc enemies and creatures.

This is the aim bug. there is no setting to fix it, only temporary fixes exist currently.

  1. Suicide

  2. Use a mod such as CharEditLite (more convenient)

Regardless of what fix you use, it will come back until Funcom fixes it.

Aedensin is correct, this is an old bug that creeped back recently it seems. Relogging fixes it as well

I’m new to the game and encountered this near game breaking bug, can’t hit crocodiles or hyenas so for a noob this is seriously off putting and made me rage quit a few times. The fact that you have to re-log or just accept being killed at no fault of your own is infuriating.


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I agree, the bug is still here.

Some never experiment it, while others are plagued with all the time. Like said, it’s realy a bad bug, very frustrating, and making the game nearly unplayable for the person touched by it.

I have a friend reporting it lately to me again. But also if i play with my alt char on my server (through family game-share), my alt is experimenting this bug, while with my usual main character i never had this bug.

I installed Char-edit light lately, and will have to check if there is any change with it. If realy the case, and this mod resolve the problem, this would help to track down the bug still more i hope.

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For reference, I have been trying to recreate the bug and have found that it happens more often when I exit out of a solo game to the menu, wait a few minutes then continue the solo game. Every second or third time I start the game I get the bug. Exiting to the menu doesn’t fix it instead I have to exit the application entirely for it to correct itself.

got it also on servers, so not only SP related bug.
It’s a bad random bug, what exactly trigger it if ever an event or object may trigger it, no clue. Didn’t see any answer that was realy satisfying yet, still also experimenting with it. :wink:

This bug is triggered by walking around/under trees/tents with a weapon/tool equiped.
It can also happen when fighting tall ennemies like elephants, mammoths etc…
Of course this just a theory, but i really do believe it’s true
It is VERY annoying indeed.