Priority should be combat

If combat remains as it is, there is very little reason to play. Simple movement avoids damage from PvE and PvP. The only time I’ve been hit by a PvE mob was because of server lag. In PvP, people can easily flee with no regard to their opponents. Outside of building, there is no will to play in PvP, PvE, or PvE conflict. Once you guys fix optimization and server lag, people will more easily see the issues I’m talking about and I’m sure plenty have already left due to combat. Its actually worse than what we had previously.

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Craziest statement I’ve read all day.

It does need a lot of work but it is immensely better than what it used to be.
I got this game in Feb 2017 and stopped playing within days because of how terrible the combat was. It’s so much better now.


The new combat is what finally made me buy the game (got it immediately after it went to testlive). I had been watching since the early days of early access, but the new combat finally made it worth playing, since I come from a past of MMO’s. Played a bit on Live to get a feeling for the old ways, then hopped into testlive and never went back until combat finally came to Live. If you find the mobs too easy, there’s settings in single player to turn up their damage (one of the servers i played on did this).


A slight bit of movement from a mob or player ruins your entire combo which results in slowed or stalled movement. Its possibly the worse combat, far worse than previously, unless you still dont understand the mechanics whatsoever. The animations are better, but nothing else is better about it. I get it, effects and graphics are pretty, but for some there is much more to a game than a cool animation.

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I dont play singleplayer, nor is the game forced on singleplayer. Go walk through a bunch of mobs and tell me if you take any damage from their attacks. It’s a joke. No settings will fix this. As for your attacks, they only work on stupid AI that doesn’t move. Try fighting a player. Also try attacking him or her while they run away. Suggest you learn the mechanics before you defend something so gamebreaking.

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Well now that’s the craziest statement I’ve read all day.
If you really think animations are all that has changed for the better, all I can do is /facepalm and move on.

Maybe you weren’t around long enough, move along.

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Uh huh… Yet I experienced day 1 combat and returned after it was revamped.
Is it possible to have been around longer than the game was in EA?

Name me the differences then, outside animation. Being able to roll? Doing combos that hinder your speed or flat out make you miss? Yeah much better, let me tell you.

In all honestly, if combat wont be fixed anytime soon, I will quit. If I quit, it is very likely that this time I wont come back. I dealt enough of this in early acesss already. Tired of not being able to catch people and combos being easily dodged. For a PvP game, this combat system is not working and cleary wasn’t properly tested for actual gameplay. I’m not the only person who is on the same boat.

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You must not have tried all of the weapons, as each one is very different. If someone is running away, chase after with a 1h sword, as it has to gap closers and if you can jolt them with a hit, a cripple effect on later strikes. It is not easy to chase someone down that does not want to fight (kind of like real life?) I have an arena on a private server where we do fight, so I’m not naive on how the new combat works. An additional weapon such as Bolas would be helpful for your griefing of others who don’t want to fight.


I’m confused… Is this guy saying small hit boxes are game breaking? Hell, I modded Skyrim to make the hit boxes even smaller than what I’ve experienced on CE. (not that I’ve experienced much in my two days of gameplay).

Some like the challenge, but it shouldn’t be hard to tweak the range… in the mean time, try to combo less and wait for a moment where you can chain one in. If you say your combo make you slow and clunky when you miss; then the same may be true for the opponent. trading blow for blow and timing may be how it was tested to begin with.

not every game will have the same combat don’t expect it to conform to your every whim… adapt it to your own style. give solid feed back for improvement.

a few options are present. the best are.

  • Keep the small hitboxes and make NPC AI more maneuverable and aggressive. ( realistic and challenging)
  • Enlarge hitboxes and increase NPC aggression to wear mobs will hit very often… (You may get hit more, and find that enemy combos will strike at ridiculous ranges or angles. Especially with longer weapons).

Either way whatever effects you, effects other players. and a better connection will always tip the scale. We are all in the same boat, and The one who adapts to combat better will win.

Games are as difficult or as easy as we want them to be. you want mobs to be more challenging… stop moving… move less…

Want to get a combo in… Stop moving and move less… goad your opponent into a combo and dodge it… Then move in when he misses and is slowed. cripple him… throw a fire bomb… utilize some combinations and get creative.

In PVP it’s about balance, stats and coincidence. 3v1 is never a fair fight, and if you’re lower level, with no heals and built for encumbrance you can be easily hunted down.

However when you’re 60, out for kills and only in it for the best loot, you can lone wolf any raiding party. Simply look for the dude who keeps falling behind, he’s the mule. Poison him several times and you can disrupt their motions enough to isolate one of them. Then pick them off one at a time. And with the strike range of knives or sword as @Enyo says, anybody can be chased down, it just takes time. I’ve been hunted down myself, caught out harvesting with no remaining heals, pooping loot like a reverse Pac Man the whole way…

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So I have to use a specific item to catch a player? Because that sounds fair and balanced. Also are we really going to bring up realism in a game like this?

Using a certain weapon to chase someone down makes sense different weapons should serve different purpose if you can chase someone running from you and kill them with a 2-h sword that’s dumb it’s meant to be slow but with a reg sword or knives that makes sense.

It’s all about using different gameplay based on what you want to do. I use a shield when fighting faster and ranged targets and I use pike for slower or targets we are grouping on.

Fighting/raiding players should always be about using certain play styles that work it’s called balance.

Give me a reliable bow that actually hits the player where you’re aiming and then everything will be all and well.

I do think the bow needs a bit of love but I’m really happy to have them not be a good combat option too many games make bows too strong and allow you to ignore all melee.

Really bows need to hit more consistently but for less damage than now but with a higher cripple rate and time. So if you can hit a crippling shot you will have to fight instead of flee

Really an arrow should cause a bleed damage dot almost garenteed with a very high cripple chance.
That will make things better the lower shot damage can be offset by a long dot this will also prevent healing

combat as is is a good launch point but it does need work. I disagree that it’s worse now than originally though for the most part, except with archery/ranged. Archery is currently hot garbage and even the “it’s supposed to be a sidearm” excuse doesn’t hold up because it’s aim is terrible at range in a pvp situation. And the statement that it can be viable with the right build is outright false.

Seriously, not asking for high damage like a two-handed sword or spear, but proper aiming would be a good start for the bow. Bleeds would be another. I don’t think the cripple needs much improvement tbh, nor base damage, because once you can actually aim the damned thing cripples and headshots will be a bit easier.

Melee, there needs to be more stamina drain on heavy armors because right now everyone just runs around in Silent Legion, and a takedown for runners would be nice if done similar to the Souls series.

I think more stamina drain for heavyweight armour as well slower actions or at least slower running would be a huge change.

I don’t want to compare this combat to the souls games but I do think it needs to more the stamina side of things to that direction

So from my PvE-focused perspective, I don’t disagree that the combat needs work. Enemies are either staggered by every hit or not at all. That’s not fun, and gives no room for tactical thinking depending on the enemy. Most attacks can be canceled out of at any moment, which means you rarely or never have to commit to an attack, depending on your playstyle.

It’s like, I can see the Dark Souls inspiration here, but the implementation is rather flawed. Let’s take Dark Souls 3 as an example, and look at some of the early enemies you encounter:

Enemies of your own size, which are usually dispatched in less than five hits. Simple cannon fodder, if you die to these it’s because you’re either a newcomer to the gameplay (and we’ve all been there) or you weren’t paying attention, or you got mobbed by them.

The larger enemies, which have noticably more health, and are deadlier than their smaller kin, but can still be staggered; You just need to time your attacks better with these, and they’ll fall.

Then we have the Knights. These guys are no joke. They’ve got far greater defenses, their attacks are swift and deadly… You need to stay on your toes with these enemies, you need to choose when to commit to an attack.

No such thing in Exiles. If an enemy isn’t staggered, then you just use the cheesiest guerilla tactics. For me, that means using the first heavy attack of the axe to lunge in, then dodge back/sideways before the enemy can retaliate. It’s frankly not exciting at all. Werehyenas, Unnamed City undead, more that I have forgotten… Lunge, dodge, recuperate, lunge, dodge, recuperate…

I can appreciate Funcom not just making the combat exactly like Dark Souls, but I think they should’ve taken more inspiration from it. The combo system is nice, but is it actually useful? I have a tendency towards heavy attacks because of durability: You don’t lose more durability from heavy attacks, and stamina can always be regained by waiting for a second or two. Light attacks don’t really have any place in my attack chainsother than to avoid flying off in a direction with the lunge of the first heavy strike, because i see no major drawback to using heavy attacks.

I have a lot more thoughts but this post is getting long-winded, and I am on the brink of starting to repeat myself.