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Prey scurries through the trees; panic sets her heart pounding in her chest.
Everywhere is danger, and he is out there tracking her.
In the darkness.
Just beyond the circle of light cast by the sputtering, dying torch in her hand.Rain falls and soaks her skin.
The tatters of her clothing cling to her.
She is not alone.
Predator lopes in an easy gait.
Prey is too panicked to outpace him, and the torch has guided his way.
As the rain falls, she stumbles, and drops the last few embers that had lit her way.
He prepares his cudgel, and readies his binds.
In moments, she will be his.
Welcome to The Hunter’s Gaze ERPvP Server - a deliciously naughty place for the seedier side of Conan Roleplay! HG is a place to let your primal instincts run wild; an avowed ERP server which still focuses on story and character - founded on the principle that ■■■■ is sexiest in a story! Our modlist has been tailored to give the absolute best experience; whether you’re hiding from those with lascivious thoughts, tracking a potential pet to lay at your feet or simply wanting to explore a world with content being created regularly by admins passionate about making the server thrive:
Primal Armors
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Kerozard’s Paragon Levelling
Immersive Sexiles Stacks x1000
Immersive Sexiles Extensions
Aquilonian Females
Conan Sexiles
:camera: Passionate admins!
:camera: Naughty community!
:camera: Fun mods!
:camera: 50% level transfers
:camera: Quality over quantity approach to server population, story, and text-based ERP!
:camera: Consent-driven play: Play how you want with whom you want!
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