The Mask of the Witch Doctor / Setite Mask can kill you - sanctuary of the serpent

Game mode: PC, Online official
Type of issue: Bug: wearing the mask of the witch doctor / Setite mask ends in dead
Server type PvE #6422
Region: Europe

Yesterday we step into the sanctuary of the serpent, enter the dungeon, cause of the gase inside we put on our masks ( my husband the witch doctor, me the setite) .

We died almost instantly from overheating…

I try to heal it out with bandages but… nope, eating ice … nope…

Maybe it depends on corruption ?

I did the vault few hours before and nothing happend with the mask ( same setup, pet, horse, weapons, buffood) , after we died, i try it after the vault outside ( put the with doctor on) and die…

ATM i throw it in the chest and leave it there…

Loosing sigils depends on stupidness is fine, lost it on bugs is… not funny :frowning:

  1. entering sanctuary of the serpent with corruption
  2. put on the mask of the witch doctor / setite mask
  3. get the debuff overheating, try to bandage it, eating ice

Hey @Cephas

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it.


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