The Midnight Grove Is Broken

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Oceania]

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*** PvE #3975

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go into The Grove
  2. Fight a boss
  3. Beat the boss
  4. The doors don’t open, so I have to log out only to log back in and be placed BACK at the beginning of The Grove with all bosses previously defeated respawned!

Hey @Ethromel

Our team is aware of this issue in the Midnight Grove and they’ll look into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Your “team” should focus on testing instead of damage control every time a new patch drops. Not sure who your parent company is, but they need to open their eyes and recognize a bad investment and sack someone sooner rather than later. 1 year of the same old same old “fix” payches that have untold nubers of bugs, glitches and all around shortsighted changes.

  • No climbing in passage cave? You know, the one you HAVE to climb out of?

  • Hostile enemies in volcano…cool. Oh wait, they’re right outside the volcano dungeon and kill you before you even load in when leaving.

  • Unable to change server settings. This one is so sad because the test is soooo simple: you’d literally turn on a ps4, try to change a setting and then your “team” would be like “oh snap, this doesn’t work anymore. Good thing we tested this before sending it to Sony for cert. It would really suck if Ignasis had to do damage control because of our incompetance.”

Honestly, these are such amatuerish mistakes that the fact you missed them is so telling. I was excited to get back into conan when a couple friends picked it up for the free PS plus event. Sadly, they’re all stuck in the passage cave because I tried to take them on a shortcut while heading to the Dagon dungeon/jungle obelisk.

Looks like I’ll just delete again.

Btw, Ignasis, do me a favor and send this to your boss, your boss’ boss and that guys boss. This is pathetic and is affecting somebody’s bottom line. Turn it into a “hey, you’d make more money if you got rid of this incompetant idiot,” kind of deal and it’ll probly go over super well. And hey, maybe people will stop complaining to you about all the dumb mistakes your “team” makes.


It’s really frustrating how a lot of small glitches can really break the experience, the settings bug on PS4 is annoying af, I have to change my sensitivity EVERY time I log in, and now I can’t play the game because my base is on top of a rock and after the last patch is almost impossible to climb in, because climbing in this game is and always was broken, not even mentioning all others “small glitches” that if you put all of those small problems together, it makes a big broken game.

Amen to that. I am done with this game. I really had hope they are really onto it in fixing it. Each patch that came out including those that are supposed to fix things didn’t fix nothing. Than they released 1.40 in the middle of it and i knew this patch will introduce new bugs and problems.

You know all patches stem directly from community input.:rofl: Like the climbing bug in the passage that FC was made aware of during test live still made it into the patch. but all stems directly from community input.

No funcom game for me ever again.

As always right?

Got a friend that ragequit the game after 3 days playing it, before last ps4 pro patch.
Now i think he would burn his PS4 :joy:

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