The new Funcom ID system

is there a way to opt out of this?

i didn’t see an updated ToS about it either.
i didn’t ask for this and don’t really want it


What is the new ID system?

we now have Funcom id’s instead of Steam id’s . because of that , i now have to re-create my character , because they didn’t sync the id’s properly


wtf, seriously??? My game is patching right not, seems like the fix. If I get in there with nothing of what I built…pffft.

So are you saying 4 years of playing history is gone,- they wiped it all away?

Guess that’s one way of wiping servers for the people whining about it and saying oops it was an accident.

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They wont wipe player progression

because of that , i now have to re-create my character , because they didn’t sync the id’s properly

Sure sounds like it could be.

All we can do is hope for the best at this point , i will be surprised if they get this fixed in the next 12 hours , it seems they really did a number this time

One broken patch after another… normaly people or companies learn from failures. Not repeat them all over again or make it even worse :smiley:


All my stuff and character are still there I am playing it right now…

Well if so 2x xp and harvest week…

What happens to existing ban or white lists that worked on steam ID. Not only is it causing long term players a lot of stress This change is causing total chaos… Please revert and/or fix ASAP


Let’s not jump to conclusions. They’re asking anyone who had this problem to send them a DM:

They didn’t state that if you had to recreate the character and you DM them, they will reinstate your old character, either, so the best thing to do is DM them and find out and let the rest of us know.


They say you should send them a DM IF you play on an official server. But some of my clanmates have this issue and we play at our own server. Should we send them DM then too? Or is this a ‘sh*t happens’ situation?


I updated my private server and logged in with the new Funcom Live Services. I did not lose anything. I had to reset some crafting stations since they quit working but once I did that the server seems to be working as it was prior to the patch.

Caveat: This is for Privately Hosted Server

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Its their latest an d greatest, no one would want to opt out. Not even in the flow chart.

Does not matter what you want. Someone wants it.
Just like steams, I have not, or will not ever bother using this stuff.

I am here to play a game, nothing else.

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Those of you having to re-create character in a private server, could you send us your most recent game.db so our team can look into it and see what is causing the character issues? If possible, also the server logs that were created when the server started for the first time after the update. Also, could you let us know if you have any mods installed and which ones?

Send the files how, where?