The new postapo-style quickbar highlighting

Because no one mentioned it yet, I would like to know opinions of other players as well. I noticed this already in beta, and I was thinking “just why this change”.

The new lining around currently equipped tools or weapons is IMO badly visible and somehow the opposite of aesthetic - just a thin yellow discontinuous lines around it. I am not sure if I am the only one puzzled or unhappy about this change, therefore it’s maybe just a matter of time to get used to it, or if more people find this wrong and confusing somehow.

What do you guys think about this particular quickbar highlight change?


The new UI is garbage. I don’t know what they thought was attractive, or slick, or sexy, or clean about any of this. It’s not.


Glad to read I am not the only one. :smile: I am really imagining this current style as something old-ish, which should be upgraded to the style we had it before.

I am not usually that picky in these matters, but this seems way too much minimalistic and confusing.

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“Hey, you know what would perfectly fit a game about a barbarian lore, set somewhere in 10k B.C.? Some fancy, futuristic, straight edged Windows 10 UI! Make it happen. Now.”

I get it that this style is the current trend in general. But this doesn’t mean that it should be applied to absolutely everything. This is design 101.

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