The PACK SIPTAH PvE 18+ (3xXP 3xH) A friendly PvE community

Welcome to The PACK Gaming!
We are an adult gaming community, and we are looking for quality players to join our adventures. We have an active and friendly Admin Team to assist your gaming endeavors. Our Gaming group is Beginner friendly! Most of our Servers are Modded for the best QoL

Our gaming community currently hosts:
ARK PvE Cluster (8xXP, 6xH, 15xT/B) of 15 maps!
Atlas PvE 3x3 (6xXP 2xH 2xT)
Conan Exiles PvE 18+ (3xXP,3xH) (Original Map and new Siptah DLC Map!)
Dark and Light PvE (2xXP,3xH, 15xT) (Sacred Path and The Shard)
7 Days to Die PvE (200% XP, 200% Loot) (Two different 10k Maps!)
Last Oasis 3x ALL

Our Siptah Conan Exiles PvE Server
Search for: The PACK SIPTAH PvE Server 18+ 3xXP 3xH
Direct Join Address:
Player slots: 70
Server Location: US South.

Our Servers amenities:
Custom teleport/warps
Helpful starter kit for new players
Community Center/Player Merchant Mall/Event Complex.
Unique Spawn points with Starter gear
You keep your stuff when you die Level Cap is 60(will be higher later)
Most items stack to 10k

Our Mod Load Out:
Pippi - User & Server Management
Glass Constructions and More
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Aquilonian Females
Stacksize Plus
(more mods coming as they get updated)

Our Discord:

Our Website: