The Purge that never happen

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Bug Description:

The Purge (the one that everyone talks but no solution is found.)

It’s suppose to be our second purge for me and my wife, the only ones in my clan, and we were waiting anxiously to happen and exited for it but when the meter bar reaches 75 nothing happen I take a look at the event log and it says it started and it ends a few mins later, yes I read on the forums, online and any other place on internet about it or how to fix but still the same and in fact the bar still going up.

also i take a look at the requirements to have a purge and im not far from my first purge and im just down the hill from my first one and i can still see my first building from my second which its bigger and should be able for purge, its not on a high place or island or surrounded by water, the other condition that i read online its about the 92 foundation to start which it has that too more than that.

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  1. play like a maniac to fill up the purge meter bar.
  2. wait for purge bar hoping to get the purge and set everything ready.
  3. when you are all ready for a purge expect nothing. :frowning:
  4. Etc.

Where is your base located? If it is somewhere in noob river area, this is a purge free zone.

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