The reason why PvP is dying

The reason why pvp is dying because of the pvers and rpers. they constantly demand to nerf certain weapons and now they got horses and horses are literally breaking the game because they are so overpowered and in response to that they just say: ‘‘lmao get good at the game XD’’

funcom needs to understand that pvpers are still playing this game and they just keep turning their back to us because pvers and rpers for some reason are just ‘‘more priority’’??? HOW?

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First , non of the PVE , and even pve-C has ever asked for a weapon nerf , you might want to look at the pvp side for those , cause they are not getting killed by yog touchs … it’s mostly pvp players that are asking for those …
and second for horses , well I don’t think there were more people from pve , than from pvp asking for their implementation … and yet as they are now implemented again mostly pvp players are comming asking for a nerf . I am not saying they don’t need a nerf , in terms of pvp , since I play pve-C i do think it’s a bit ridiculous the state pvp is in now . but don’t blame pve players that have been asking for years , that pvp nerfs stop impacting the good / unique effects introduced with cool legendaries …


I wish they would be a way to nerf/change thing for a specific gamemode only. But it’s not the case. Conan has 3 gamemode that have different pov on basically everything when it comes down to farming/fighting.

( I’m playing PVP) Yogs have been the go to weapon ever since it got introduce into the game. Very strong axe with no match. Is it sad to see a unique item get nerf? Not really because the unique aspect of it is that it builds up corruption on your enemy Wich is still very strong. Maybe not the #1 weapon anymore but definetly up their with axe of the lion and ancient lumerian.

It also add more variety in combat instead of been so linear like it’s been for over 1 year a half now. Mordlum yogs touch bestial claws black ice broadsword. 99% uses these weapon only. But now that the horses are part of the game we have


Literally, WHY would a role player or PVE person want any weapon nerf? Ever?


From a PvP perspective I agree with you I can’t see a reason in why any of these player would ask for a nerf. And can see why they would be mad after a nerf. A strong weapon or OP weapon doesn’t have any negative impact on their game experience whatsoever.

But when all your hard work is at risk and a single fight will determine if you lose everything or not that’s when you ask for nerf. Wich is pvpers myself included.

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there are other 1H axes that applies corruption , therefore not making this what made yog touch uniqueness But I am not saying there should not have been a nerf to it , just not to the point of losing it’s uniqueness !

The base damage of it is still higher. I’m not saying your point is wrong. But it be like saying axe of the lion as nothing unique to it because ajas bane also give bonus strength.

We can both agree that a added corruption effect is more than enought and 56% (or whatever it is) armor pen (with master fitting) was just way to much for Conan.

I’m sorry kanza I just look it up and it will be on par with the corrupted axe from the untamed city.

Same look, same damage, same armor pen and same effect. That’s kinda odd tho.

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Because people get killed.
Makes total sense the more you kill the less will remain. Jokes aside…

This is totally not true, the devs keep both PvE and PvE players in mind.
Blaming PvE players for your bad experience is not fair nor do we need more separation between those communities (like one argue with the other).

Also when you play PvP any other player can do what you do and you can do what they do.
Horses are OP, and guess what? When you play PvP players will ALWAYS pick what is the most OP meta at the moment.

Based on what? Again you blame a community… you know how many PvP player RP?

YES ! because pve players were like: oh give mounts and horses, we are tired of going from one erp location to another :((( and it takes long time. and now that they added horses, they broke the pvp and they didnt even give any ways to counter it. its like if u are in open field, you are insta dead, there is no counter except always climbing on mountains like some kind of mountain goat, and then when u suggest to nerf horses, pvers are rpers are like ‘‘get good’’ BECAUSE they KNOW that they control funcom and what content they push out BECAUSE they are the majority now and rpers and pvers VILLIAINIZE pvpers.
and ok, i maybe wrong about the weapon nerf one that i posted in the first post.

‘‘this is totally not true, the devs keep both PvE and PvP players in mind’’ that is not true!!! the main people who play this game are pvers and rpers because almost all pvpers left because they just dont want to give more direct counters to horses, all u gotta hope for is: oh i hope they dont have that defense saddle, and i hope that there is some kind of cliff or its gg go next.
And that is not ok!

I read a lot on this forum but I’ve never seen a PvE player make such claims while being serious.
Again you accuse the PvE and RP community.

If this what you say is true, why would they bother keeping PvP online? PvP will always need balancing.

It’s is okay to be frustrated about something OP and tell us about it on the forum hoping for changes, just don’t make false claims who’s the blame for your unhappiness.

What he’s saying about the horse is unfortunately the truth. Not the best way to express himself and wrong in is doing accusing others.

But he is 100% right the horse in a PvP combat is unbalance. And I mean to the point of not fair at all.

See in a game their will always be a “meta” Wich" always include a series of thing put together to achieve the optimal build.

For example a certain set of armor adding the right plating, the best kinda buff and weapon and on top of practice to become a skilled fighter.

When funcom introduce the horse the meta became the horse. No counter to it, no skills involve and no runing away from it. If we see a horse we might as well pull bracelet and spawn at base to save some time.

A good way for funcom to keep their player base happy all around would be to let the community vote for certain changes making sure that the majority of people are happy with the changes.

This will make us feel like we have an impact on this game that we love. :grinning:


Can you link were you got this information from. Because on PS4 on American server PvE and PvP looks exactly the same. And I do think that more people play private PvP server than anything else.

This whole comment is pure dribble. None of what you are saying is even remotely accurate. So misguided.


I’ve seen it a lot, both in this game’s forum and in the elder scrolls online forum.

The op is partially right. There are a lot of people in this forum that pretend they are playing pvp and know all about it while in fact, they do not. And this kind of players spread their “knowledge” like cancer all over this forum. So I do not wonder anymore why some changes made it to live servers that better should have stayed in the drawers. But thats how Funcom handles stuff.

“Close your eyes and pretend its all a bad dream. Thats how I get by.” - Jack Sparrow


There we have it, this man figured everything out.

My RP and PVE fellows, we have been exposed. The turtlepocalipse will start soon. Its time to nerf the remaining threat to our beloved game.


I’m going to give this thread a 7/10. It fooled a ton of people.

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‘‘oh someone i dont agree with, ye thats a troll.’’ whatever you say forum celebrity

Wait you’re serious?

Explain to us in detail then, how a RPer or PVEer thinks a weapon they could use in PVE needs to be nerfed.