The Red Mother: Is there a way to reset her if she bugs out?


I’ve been wanting to farm the red mother for the last little while but every time I go to her location she is bugging out and jumping up and down through the ground without any way to engage in combat, apparently this is because someone else has already previously attempted and failed to kill her and she has reset into this bugged state.

So my question is: Has anyone figured out a way to pull the red mother out of the bugged state that she’s in or do I have just wait for the server to reset and hope that I’m the first one there to attempt her?


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This is for the Exiled Lands map btw! :slight_smile:

This is a complete stab in the dark but maybe if you use an AOE like gas orbs where she’s stuck it will make her agro and pop up?


I’ll give it a try! :smiley: Thanks

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