RedMother Spawn

Game mode:PvE Multiplayer
Problem: RedMother Spawn
Region: EU

Hello,im on the server 3044 official on ps4 and i was in the unnanmed city looking for loots since i try to have all the redmother loots but i wait like an hour but i never see her and she’s not spawning at her usual spawnpoint. Im asking if it’s due to the 1.57 update or if its a minor bug or if she spawn somewhere else since the 1.57. Thanks.

Hi, I play on that same server, and Red Mother was there this morning after server restart. However, she seems quite bugged. Mid-fight she just resets back to her default position with full health.

Thanls maxbo it seems to be repaired i killed her a bunch (even thou i still can’t get her fricking torch ^^) thanks man it seems just to have been 1 minor bug seems the afternoon restart fixed it she now spawn normally thanks anyway man

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