The Seven Kingdoms RP 18+ (Game of thrones)



The Seven Kingdoms RP 18+ (Game of Thrones MMO Theme)

GP = Gold Piece
SP = Silver Piece

10 SP = 1 GP

Starter pack:

  • 500 GP to start


Dye = 1 GP or 10 SP ea

T4 Structures = 2 GP ea

T3 Structures = 1 GP ea

T4 Fighter/Archer Thralls = 400 GP ea (100 gp each level)

T4 Worker Thralls = 200 GP ea (50 GP a level)

Silent Legion = 600 GP ea (PVE USE ONLY)

Legendary Weapons = 2000 GP ea (traded in for 1250 GP ea, same for skeleton keys)

Epic Flawless Armor sets = 300 GP ea (traded in for 150 GP)

Epic Flawless Weapons = 300 GP (traded in for 100 GP)

Flawless Armor/Weapons = 150 GP ea (traded in for 75 GP)

Exceptional Armor/Weapons = 100 GP ea (traded in for 50 GP)

Black-Ice Tools = 50 GP ea (traded in for 25GP)

Obsidian Tools = 70 GP ea (traded in for 35 GP)

Land Claim = 10,000 GP & at least 5 guild members. (Land claim gives you the right to sell everything listed above, but you must build a shop, tavern and a bank)


1 - Treat your character as if it were your own life.

2 - No PvP in silent legion gear, including telith’s weapons, and blade of adventurer. They’re too OP for PvP.

3 - You can craft your own currency, and find your own legendarys but cannot trade them outside of the land claim system!

4 - No Racism/Sexism!

5 - RP strongly encouraged! If you approach an enemy player, do not attack unless you give a demand and a consequence! Example: Give me your GP(demand) or I will kill you!(consequence) We also strongly encourage that you create a character sheet.

Arena system:

  • Gear is provided for your first fight.

  • Can fight PvP, or have thralls fight with bets of coin on who will win!

  • Winner best 2 out of 3 takes home 100 coin! (50 coin a win)

  • Loser recieves nothing!

  • PvM matches cost 100 GP to sign up, Last standing out of 5 wins 500 gold (your 100 gold back, and the gold the other participants put in)

"In the Game of Thrones, you either win or die."


what Region? I might check it out.