[Fresh] [PC] [PvP] Seven Kingdoms of Westeros #1 [x10] Exp [x10 Gathering]

Hey all,

Our first server has recently had a fresh start and we are looking for players.
We have changed the Exp and Gather rates to x10.

It will be nice to come and blow off some steam with other people in PvP, Or maybe build a great base as gathering is no longer a big task.

Details as below;

Server Details;
Full Server Name: Seven Kingdoms of Westeros #1 [x10 XP/Harvest] [PvP]
IP Address (Game Port):
IP Address (Query Port):
Direct launch link: steam://connect/
Location: United Kingdom
PvP Enabled: True
Max Players: 70
Max Clan Size: 10 (Can be changed)
Server Region: Europe
Max Nudity Allowed: Full
Experience Multiplier: x10
Gather Rate: x10
Avatar Summoning: Yes
Purge Enabled: Yes
Faster Nights: Yes
Everybody Can Loot Corpse: True

Hope to see some of you in game! :slight_smile:
Leave a comment below if there are any questions.

We also have a second server with Mods - Find the link below if interested;

I have a few questions. 1. keep or drop on death? 2. is raiding (i.e. using explosives or siege gear to attack and loot a base) encouraged. 3. is there a discord for the server


Sorry for the delay, I only just noticed this message :slight_smile:

1.) You drop items on death.
2.) As it’s x10 - Whenever people start to properly play then Explosives can be used as normal because it will not take to much to re-build I suppose (Most people are not horrible people who destroy every piece of a player base).
3.) I don’t have a specific Discord for the server, However I do have a Discord for when I stream which has a Conan area (Feel free to join if you please :slight_smile: ); https://discord.gg/AKhpBS