The Field of Strife 10X XP 10X Gather

Completely changed the server due to 10X XP and Gather. If you want to play feel free.


Conan exiles is a fantastic game and I’d like to make it last a little longer too. These 2 times or 5 times experience servers just not what I’m looking for this nekrage guy knows what real MMO people want.

sounds like a Great idea I will join you!

Sounds great! If we can get a few more I will post the server IP tomorrow night when we perform the fresh start.

Hell ye Im down.

tomorrow night, lets do it!

I would absolutely play on this server if it wasn’t PvP. Prefer PvE-C. Also if it was 2x Harvest would be great. Maybe even do 1-1.5x kill exp so killing mobs gives slightly more xp. Awesome idea, just wish it wasn’t full PvP is all!

I would prefer to play on a server that had a mmo feel to it.

I think one thing you should avoid though is making crafting/thrall time any slower than they are.

Feedback noted. While PVP is something we would not be wiling to drop, we could certainly increase the harvest a bit. I personally would be happy with a 25% increase rather than a full 100%.

Will be posting the server details tonight. About an hour before the fresh start!

Interested. What raid times are you thinking?

when will the server start? and where is it located?

Good question!

Was thinking central US (Dallas) as it works well for all in the US. I live on the East Coast but would happily move it to Dallas to give the majority of players better ping.

I should have included that, thanks!

The start time is planned for 2 am Eastern tonight (technically tomorrow because it’s past midnight).

For the raid times we were thinking something late, however we can certainly poll the community and see how people feel.

Originally we were planning 2 am - 7 am Eastern every night. This would be 11pm - 4am for Pacific timezone players.

ah. way too late for me. I like the idea though! hopefully someone follows suit.

Some additional harvest would be nice, but maybe not 2x.

I think a 25% boost to gathering will be where we start.

4 hours my dudes!

Less than 2 hours!

hey sounds great me and some freinds are down to play for sure! just make sure to set it to where bodys stay sleeping when logged out, officials are so boring right now cause when you raid everyone is logged out invisible with all their best stuff. Oh and put the date in the server description so that everyone knows its a fresh server at least for a few days, hope to see u in 2 hours :smiley: