◄ The Unbroken ► [PS4][PVP] is looking for active & dedicated players!

hey all ,

The Unbroken are looking for experienced PvP players to join our ranks .

we are a PVP clan which is looking for serious players to join us in our adventures . we have a fully T3 base and everything to get you geared when you start on our server. the server we play on is a very populated pvp server with allot of clans around competing to become the alpha , thats why the unbroken are looking for more active and serious pvp players. we currently have 5 active members , aiming for 10 in the upcoming weeks.

We are looking for ?

  • Active players (atleast 4 to 5 days a week)
  • Mature attitude
  • Working Microphone
  • Teamplayers ( know how to play as a team)
  • Experienced pvp players

intrested ? or looking for more info ? .

message me on PSN : Rollonaire

( put ‘’ TU ‘’ in the message you send me so i know its about the clan )

Cheers !! :wink: