The Void 1/24 (TODAY 8PM EST) 5x Gather/Xp, No Gods, Great admins, NO OFFLINE RAIDING

This server is called the void. I’ve been playing with them for over a month now. i honestly have not found a better server. its the only one that can offer a system where 24/7 raiding is an option but yet there is no offline raids. admins are fair and enforce server rules very well and offer plenty of help when players need it. I am sure i will be here for a while longer

+Direct connect to server via:

  • Server Features:
  • We have our own dedicated machine on a gigabit connection host with DDOS protection.
  • Server Hardware: Intel i7 7700 64GB RAM 2 500GB SSD HD in RAID0

+Custom Coded Scripts that include:

  • Automated daily restarts and automatic game updates
  • Auto fix for when funcom screws up wells/fishtraps/beehives and thrall wheels
  • Automatic foundation spam deletion on server restarts
  • Higher Server FPS than official or default servers to keep the game running smooth.
  • Many other small scripts and fixes to prevent certain exploits and to monitor the game better.
  • Purges are enabled on the server.
  • Gods are disabled on the server