The Void #2 24/7RAID fast craft no gods 5xH5xXP No care bears here. IN game currency!

Tired of all the raid time servers? having to be on at a specific time to raid or pvp? well do i have the server for you. 24/7 raid so NO raid times you can raid anyone any time ( not the admin map rooms). 24/7 open world pvp public map rooms with dancers. all around great server. Admin/Owner is by far the best iv dealt with. always here to help. has custom scrips so the server runs really smooth AND! there is a in game currency. its on a script so every 30 mins you get 1 “Tomb dust” you can trade said tomb dust in to the admin for ingame items “Thralls” “gear” all kinds of stuff along with donateing to the server you get Tomb dust. Come play with us. Server IP is