Theft by Deception

Does releasing an unfinished game, marketed as a full release version, equate to theft by deception?

Funcom i’d like to know your thoughts on the matter.
I look forward to an answer that surely wont be provided

Perhaps legal action is required to help combat the trend


I cant even play the game because it constantly boots me back to the main menu. I was able to play fine for 3 days in a row I didn’t play the 4th day I had the game come back the 5th day and it just keeps booting me off. Wont connect. They refuse to address this problem and im not the only person this happens to. They wont answer my ticket they wont offer any help other than delete a folder and reinstall which didn’t work and nothing further has been said about it. This company is absolute garbage. I cant get my money back from steam cause I played for more than 2 hours. I feel like I just got ripped off by a company who could give one singe crap So im never buying another game with the name funcom on it ever again. I don’t care if its the best new game in the world that everyone plays I wont buy it. Simply because Ill be afraid I cant connect to its servers just like with conan exiles. Worst game experience ever even worse than ataris E.T.

A completely analogous circumstance has happened between Microsoft and Adobe. Adobe Reader was promised to have .doc compatibility, but due to Microsoft’s internal processes, locked out certain features in order to optimize .doc production for the competing XPS model. Dirty pool, and pulled the rug out from under Adobe. They launched a product without an advertised, fungible feature. No one was sued, everyone understood that when one company must work with another’s platform, inefficiencies can occur. No acrimony, just patches ensued. I would hope gamers would attain the same level of expectation for this sort of software too.

Conan Exiles is solely Funcoms product.
Your comment is unrelated to the problem.

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