This game punishes you for not using shields. Stunlock garbage



It seems using any other weapon will just get you killed since everything knocks you down and makes you lay there for a few seconds. Yet enemy NPCs recover instantly.

I had an enemy with a sword i knocked to the ground and he snapped to a sword thrust attack that knocked me over and i just lay there and took two hits before i could dodge roll back. I was wearing heavy armor to but due to the fact you took a cleaver to poise to remove it now you are required to use a shield and one hander as anything else spells death.

I also got knocked down by a wolf bite 3 feet from its face in single player so nice buff to its ranged melee and balance as wolves don’t take any knockdown and barely stay staggered for you to use anything else. Meanwhile you’re fumbling about stunlocked with every attack. This is kinda bull. Whats the point of the other weapons and heavy armor when the same crap happens over and over.

I can dodge all i want but i get creatures then suddenly slide around behind me cause the pathing is all screwy. So i’ll block a wolf only for it to teleport behind me like some anime character. And then its bite knocks me over like i got bashed in both legs and pile drives into the ground and mash dodge roll to not get mauled to death since for some reason our characters are weaker then everything else out there.

Worse when you get knocked over by a naked NPC with a stick with a little rock on it when you’re wearing silent legion armor.


Don’t think i’ve used a shield outside journal entry…

I wear light armor, i tend to play more keep away/lolz when i play then head on into a group.

I notice once we lost poise, wolfs would chase me down knock me over with ease now… kinda weird.


Yea because they turned our characters into pansies. Now a light breeze can knock us over. Combos are great. Combat is garbage cause of stunlock hell.

Ark doesn’t have knockdown spam. I know they where jerks to this game but its one Huge one up over this game.


Also piss off with your ranged melee crap. Why did you add 3 feet to every melee weapon. Single player or server.


A perfect example is the giant Rocknose King out west near the tunnel to the sulphur pools.

Like, how the hell are you supposed to kill this thing without cheesing ranged combat? He has really low hit points, but 1 bad hit from him and he’ll just chain knock you down until you’re dead. Also Thralls don’t help because they won’t attack him.


I use either a spear or daggers. Thus I cannot use shields. And I have never once been stun locked. Ever hear of the ALT key? Dodge their attack and they can’t knock you down. Even if they do, by hitting dodge you get right back up and out of range. Instead of raging on the forums maybe you could learn how to play first.


I’ve stated many times I’ve dodged.

I’ll dodge an attack and Boom i’m on my face cause the sword has an extra yard. But when i knock them down they snap into a stab or swing attack and Boom i’m back on my face and taking forever to get up. Enemies can bypass so many knockdowns and even interrupt your combo but their combo is impervious.


I killed him in melee the other day with a spear, in my 50 enc gathering build. And I am not a particularly good or fast player. I did have flawless epic heavy armor (hey why not when in 50 enc anyway!), but still.

Granted, he’s much much easier at range, but still. Compared to the White Tiger (which camps my front door) the King Rocknose is a breeze.


The problem with the CC spam, Knockdown being the big one is it forces you to spam. The only way to counter animation locked CC spam is to do the same and void theirs. Mash your right mouse enough and you animation lock your character in to a combo and mobs can’t knock you down. Its the reason Strength builds are popular. Even when you have 4 or 5 mobs gobbing you with ping pong knock down if you can spam a mouse key quick enough and produce enough devastation, they will all die.

Kind of sucks when you want to take thralls but yea. It works for simple slaughter


That’s interesting you were able to - I’ve tried it and sometimes he knocks me down once and just keeps knocking me down 24/7 until I’m dead. I imagine if you can time the super armor style attacks so you stay on your feet that you can kill him pretty quick, but it’s a very odd boss for sure.


Oh, yeah he does pack a punch - from 100% to 5% health in one cycle of stomp-dancing on my head. At that point I run away to regain health. Didn’t mean to say I could stay toe-to-toe with him from start to end, just that my regen is better than his :wink:


Hah yeah I hate playing that run away and regen for a while game :slight_smile: So I just hop on a rock and pull out the snake arrows and he’s usually dead in less than 60 seconds. I wish there was a middle ground - with most bosses I usually trade a bit back and forth with my thrall so the damage gets spread out and I can regen while we fight, but he’s just crazy. Tree boss in the sulphur lake is pretty nuts sometimes, too.


I love this always being said around on the forums too! Everyone plays different, and there is not just one way to play the game Pve, Pvp or single player. Who’s to say you don’t need to be schooled?


Oh its like a lottery! Get yourselves a 2h sword, always doing a single heavy hit on him then roll back using your light armor (or medium+40 agility). It is possbile, but ranged is way easier.

Which is why I prefer light armor over the other two. Not only because of their weight, but more because of their dodges. Light armor has the longest dodge and I prefer to use my points for encumbrance over agility…

Yesterday a mate came up with the idea of joining a certain private server. Half a dozen Mods on it. That seemed nice but neighter did I know any of these mods, nor did I see what would come for me.

  • First off: commiting suicide isnt working.
  • When I tried writing (my client got messed up), instead of actually writing I suddenly was stuck… moaning? (Yes. Sexiles being used on that server… :confused: ) Afterwards I was invincible and had no stamina regen. Admin had to kill me via menu…
  • Lags, worse than on official (not counting other players making one lag because yes, that is a thing too!). I went in a group of 4 NPCs at their camp and while they were staggered, they kept hitting me.
  • Or when I was more careful (obviously I died at those 4), I got stuck between invisible walls and couldnt dodge anymore. I had like 10% HP then (with lvl 12) and somehow bugged out of that again.

I really dont like to play under such circumstances. While I was ranting about that, also commenting a statement when someone said its harder than usually, that it would obviously be harder if NPCs can attack when they are supposed not to be able to.
And since the rl friend of said mate was like “maybe I will rethink not joining, but give me some time” I grew rather swiftly to agree on not playing on that server. And that mate of mine? All he could say was “aww guys, give that server a chance!”. Well my dear. I did. I did create a toon there. I did run over to a few places, seeking to fight with some thralls and stuff. So obviously I found a few issues. Issues with which I really dont want to play with…

I didnt think the state of the game is anyway near bad before, but right now I’m thankful for the state of the game if putting aside undermeshing (however people still do that) or else exploits, cheats and stuff…

Doesnt work in case of the new axe+throwing axe combo. Whenever the throwing axe is attacking, its very likely to be canceled. Also I think the damage on the “whirlwind” is a tad too low. That could be due to the damage difference of axe vs throwing axe during leveling though.

But stunlock being the reason why strenght builds are popular? I highly disagree!
Strenghtbuilds have been popular ever since early EA due to higher damage for melee if stacking strenght. Back then, each point would grant +1 meleedamage if I remember corrrectly. Nowadays it’s 2% per point plus perks. Also 10 strenght are likely to be picked because of thrall hunting and 20 because of 25% being a decent bonus.
So its not due to stunlock why strenght is being picked, but mainly because of that damage buff. And since strenght perks apply to any attack if meeting the requirements (i.e. knocking unconsious, doing light or heavy attacks, going below 25% HP, those things) … This means archers pick up to 30 strenght too.

Ah, sorry. Back to the topic. Conan Exiles is now more of an dodge or die game. I can live with that. At least thralls dont dodge my attacks… Hehe.


I use Heavy Armor and a 2H Sword and rarely get stun locked. I dont often dodge either, I just time my heavy attacks with theirs and use the hyper armor to tank through the stun and shell out a ton of damage. Only thing that really scares me is getting too many stacks of bleed


I have used a sword and shield for the journey. Then swapped it out.

I then switched to the various pole arms and spears. Trident etc.

Eventually I dropped that all for Archery. I I happened go get quite good at it. I back up with Two hander and Daggers.

Stun lock is real though. But as an archer I have been able to avoid havinf this occurs.

I have mastered long shots. But I use the bow as more of a mid range weapon. When the enemey finally closes in I take them dowb with the Sword. I will eventually get another pike though.

Shield combat always gets me killed. It’s just not something I am proficient in.


We both tried shields, cant get the hang of them.
I use a spear and daggers for close in. Mrs Jones uses a trident and battle axe.
We have a whole box of cool shields, wish I could hang them on the wall.

Hey since we cant recycle weps and armor, how about letting us hang them on the wall.


Does weapon and shield rack not work for you?
(it does on ps4)

Thats what i did with most of neat looking weapons and shields in my house. XD

I use bows/2hands myself.

Hoping for dual weapons, (like dagger are, but swords with slightly different move set, minus bleed i guess) for better range.

There was a time, when “npc” ai was more aggressive, instead of running to inch in your face and staring you down, were a shield was handy for them attacking non-stop.


Without Poise, you are forced into two modes of combat. The first is easy to identify, it’s that you must match his armor weight, or spend heavily on Agility. The second is harder to see, but as a tennis player it’s like this: at the net you must choose the side your opponent will strike. It’s frustrating in tennis and without Poise it’s present in Conan Exiles. If he can move better than you, striking him is reduced to a guessing game.


You can hang them on the wall.