This has killed me enough times now

Either upgrade your computer equipment to be able to push OVER 60FPS to a display OVER 60hz.
Give us the option to disable the stupid momentum movement y’all added. This practically NEVER shows up for me until I cross through some sand, and then suddenly it’s stuck on me all over the Exiled Lands, and acting like idk how to stand still with ADHD. Even after relogging. NO, it is NOT keyboard related, that is absurd as it does this on controller too.

The issue is Frame Rate related, and has been. Ever since I upgraded to my 144hz monitors, and could do more than 60FPS, it’s been “Conan Exiles: ON ICE!”

According to THIS THREAD from 2019 (holy c#@p it’s that old!?) The “issue” was pushed to the “Dev Team” and then the thread was archived because the issue was “Resolved” with players basically forcing themselves to reduce gameplay enjoyment by nerffing their system to 60FPS.

I want ALL the frames, and so do every other gamer. As evident on a Guru3D forum when both Teams came together in conclusion against the introduction of RayTracing having both AMD and Nvidia fans agreeing, in almost biblical fashion, they want more frames, not less frames.

I’m not saying I’m not able to Ice Skate, I used to whenever i could, but would Rollerblade all the time… IT HAS NO PLACE IN THIS GAME.

shouldnt they also do something about weapon hitboxs? many times ive used truncheon to knock NPCs out but some hits just completely do not connect even though im within hugging distance.

Videogame Logic #404: When you’re so close that your weapon pokes through to the other side, you miss them completely and the projectiles emit from the other side of the enemy. When done with a Player it will amplify their dmg against you, when done with an NPC it will render them immune to all dmg types for 5 seconds.

Reading through my original post again and I can’t help but think FunCom is going to add a new item called “Boots of Gretski” or something like that so we can ice skate on the frozen lake… and now I can see a modified Pike for a hockey stick, and just using a severed head as the puck… GREAT… did i just give them an idea for Christmas?? IDC, as long as they fix the FPS skating issue.


Please submit your bug report with the provided template so we can assist you.

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Thanks in advance.