This leet I have

I heard you like leets. Mine’s a true gentleman.


needs more cowbellmonocle.


This is great! You should share it over on the Secret World Community board (they like leets too!)



Now its time for my ultimate Leet King!


Bow to his majesty


…okay in reality, of course, only I am the true Leet King! =D


Put this in an earlier thread, but this guy is mine


So cute =) :heart:

This little one is definitely a good hunter for food :grin:

Think this is a good place to repost a statement I wrote to Newland city after they posted a foreign affairs document:

The Newland City Council has published a document called the Foreign Affairs document. The Leet Protection Agency has reviewed this document and found some serious issues.

It includes high profile persons, however it fails to mention that the City of Newlands highest profile resident is not a person. It’s a leet called Brb.
If he has to go to the doctor, should he not have the same rights to an escort as any other residents of Newland city?

Therefore, we would like the “high profile persons” replaced with “high profile persons and leets”.

The documentation also deals with import and export in the area and we quote:

“Parties importing and exporting goods in Newland City must receive clearance and documentation from the Newland City Ministry of Trade.”

Brb doesn’t have the opportunity to get around much and must have his food taken to him. This is something that members of LPA have done for a long time due to the fact that his owner appears to be frequently unable to find her leet dispite many members of our community telling her of his exact location. If the LPA requires clearance and documentation from the Newland City Ministry of Trade every time Brb is hungry he will starve to death in a matter of days.

The LPA request a paragraph to be added to the document stating that Leetfood is exempt from this ruling.

We would like to draw your attention to point 3F in the document that talks about torture or cruel, inhuman treatment or degrading punishment. Again the document uses the word person. The LPA strongly recommends that Leets are included in this, especially due to the fact that so many barbaric inhumane leet fights are held in this area so regularly.

We hope that the Newland City Council can correct this so that all residents of Newland city have the same rights.

The old thred can be found here
I should really start up LPA again. Fun times


That’s a good idea actually