Thrall HP Vitality Bonus vanished

Game mode: Single-player, vanilla
Type of issue: Bug

Screencap included to help illustrate the issue. When I first placed my thrall into the world, he had ~2500 HP. After leveling him up a few times, he had ~2900 HP. As can be seen from the image, his Vitality bonus is not being added to his total HP pool. Vitality bonus of 2K, but only 900 max HP? This does not compute.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Duplication method unknown. First occurence of this issue in my experience.
    edit - Apparently, the duplication method is to sign in and continue gameplay

I had to dismount from my horse to increase my DPS otherwise the dragon would have killed him. It should have been an easy kill for him, and would have been if he had his full HP. I don’t have any SnowHunters to lose, but I can’t help wondering if this is a hidden mechanic contributing to the reported loss of so many thralls. I don’t know that it would make a difference, but I started a new game after the update rolled out. He was placed into the world post-update. Does the 2 follower system, i.e. having both my mount and a Thrall following cause the extra HP to disappear? Is this a proper bug or is this a game mechanic that I was previously unaware of?


After leveling him up once more (both thrall and horse following), the Vitality HP bonus has returned. The stat that leveled on him this instance was Vitality. No way to know if it resolved itself because of the increase in Vitality or because the leveling up process, but one of the two seem to have caused everything to be recalculated correctly. I generally only play offline/soloplayer games, and consider my characters & thralls as disposable. If this bug happens to me again, it’s a nuisance. If it happens to someone else, it can have serious effects. I don’t know if this was a one-time fluke, but I hope it never happens again.

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Signed in again after posting the update and it happened again. No idea why this is happening, but it’s concerning. Has anyone else seen this problem on their games, or is it just me?


If I had to take a wild guess, I would assume that this is the cause for the random “thralls taking damage for no reason” bug, people keep reporting. My 17k health thrall sometimes has incredibly low health (~2k) upon loading the game without having fought previously. I assume it’s because the vitality bonus is missing at the start.

On my way back to newb river, we killed 5 rhinos, a few scorpions, and a dragon. Thrall’s HP remained capped at 984 the entire time. Killed a shaleback and it gave him the XP to level up. Now his health is back to normal after level up. I was going to continue my experiment by going AFK to see if dead time would resolve his flawed HP, but the shaleback followed me back to base. Maybe I’ll test it some other time. But IF a level up is the only way to restore the lost HP, then what do people do when the thralls are already at level 20? I think it could be a very serious concern, preventing boss fights, etc.

Hey @bbtech

Thanks for the detailed feedback, it’s been sent to our team so they can look into it.


I may not know modern programming, but I know general troubleshooting. I’ll probably do an AFK tomorrow to see if time will resolve the HP deficiency and report back


you would have to capture other npc, since this one has very little hp, the cimmeriam are the best

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Yeah, I know he’s not a great thrall. I started a new game and got the random miniboss NPC spawn from newb river.

After signing back in and approx 2 hours standing guard at the base, his HP is still at a reduced value. What I see is that even though the max HP is reduced, it is still increasing with each level gain. He just turned level 7 after the previously mentioned Shaleback incident, and that was the last time he received XP. When he was level 6, the HP capped at 984. At level 7, the flawed cap is 1002 HP. So it looks like maybe the Vitality bonus gained during the initial placement into the world is what is missing but gains accrued since being placed are recognized. To test it properly, I would have to break another thrall and carefully note his stats upon placement and each new level, but I honestly don’t feel like doing that. Hopefully this is enough info for the dev team to figure out what’s going on.

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My guess would be: there’s a method that is missing the health bonus variable and that function is called when the thrall stance is changing. Or worse… they are using some mutable struct and the values get changed during a method call so frequently that you can’t say where the actual change happens. MAKE YOUR STRUCTS IMMUTABLE!

I’ve been able to simulate this on my test server with multiple characters. I’m not yet sure of the cause.

Please craft a piece of armor that adds a vitality bonus, and equip it on the thrall. You should see their vitality number restored, and slowly start to regen. This is not meant as a workaround, I’m asking you to do this for confirmation.


It is confirmed. Immediately upon equipping the armor the expected max HP was restored, and his health began to regen. Not sure if it helps isolate the problem, but I waited for him to heal fully then exited the game while he was still wearing the vitality armor and restarted as I’ve done so many times today. Upon restart, there was no discrepancy. Thrall began the play session with max HP - 3036 out of 3036. Pic is a screencap immediately after equipping the armor.

I admin killed the abysmal remnant to get the feat, and I don’t feel bad about it. He’s bugged anyway, but I will contribute my related findings to the appropriate thread.


I ran one more test. Removed the vitality buff armor and equipped him with the vanilla heavy armor, then I signed off and exited the game. Upon restart, his HP pool was normal. In between this post and the previous, the 2nd hotfix for Update 40 was downloaded and applied. Pic is screencap taken upon loading the game the most recent time. Unless someone else needs me to check something, I really think this topic is finished.

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