Thrall inventory size change (suggestion \ devkit)

Suggestion: Create items which give more inventory slots to thralls. ie sherpa pack.

And while waiting something like that officially, if any modders can comment on following:

Obviously there is somewhere function which checks if thrall inventory is full and give ‘inventory is full’ message, and another function which decide how many inventory slots thrall have because profession and tier effect on that. But even i have tried to look them on devkit for a while, no luck yet, closest to this is inventory items stacking functions.

So, anyone else tried to look and found em?
Anyone happens to have list of attribute ids which might work to thralls, maybe there is inventory slots id allready.

Point would be to try add item 52080 (current: sherpa pack, add statid 15 (encum) +5) another buff which would give +5 inventory slot to thralls (and players not that they need it) while wearing it.


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