Thralls drowned in the foundations

Basic Info:
Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Official Server
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1014
Mods: None

Bug Description:
Thralls drowned in the foundations
Bug Reproduction:
After the AoW 3 update always every time I restart the server my thralls drown in the foundations.
Before the new update it was an ‘exceptional’ condition but now it has become normal routine.
For a game that focuses on “cosmetics” in order to eat money I have to say that this situation is quite stressful.

I will add another note:
is it normal in the tavern for visitors to sit like John Wayne on the chairs and the bar?


I’ve noticed these bugs too - and many more, I just don’t have the strength and faith to report them anymore. FC won’t fix them anyway, just add more untested content …

I guess I’m getting to the point where there will be so many bugs that even though I like the game a lot I won’t want to play it anymore.

Not to mention the investment, I can’t think of a better sign not to give them more money than being wrongly banned the day I bought something

@Community We didn’t even get an apology


I am experiencing this constantly as well. Really loving the quality of patches they’re putting out.

Yup, on PlayStation as well. Many of us are noticing this issue. It was a pretty common bug in the past, but this time it literally happens after every server restart daily. I use fence foundations and ceiling tiles, so it happens on anything. Only flooring I’ve seen that it doesn’t happen on is the stage items. Oh, and it doesn’t happen on the second floor of something, so it’s as though you need a ceiling UNDER your floor to trick them into staying in place. I haven’t confirmed this theory, but I have yet to see any thralls sink into the second floor of any build.

Started happening in my official and private server since thursday. It does it to all thralls and players. I went trough someones elses walls and floor and got stuck. All my thralls are now under my foundations. Even the ones that were on third floor lol.


after a series of verifications on some servers where I play (all official servers)
I have noticed that:
A) All Thralls placed before the AoW3 patch do not drown in the foundation.
B) Thralls placed before the AoW3 patch that were used as adventure companions drown in the foundations when they return to base once the server is restarted.
C) All Thralls placed after the AoW3 patch drown in the foundations.
D) Horses that were used after the AoW3 patch drown in the foundations (I did not test other animals).

And then there is some passing adventurer who has considerable difficulty finding a seat and prefers to stay in the middle, a very indecisive character, with legs hanging from the ceiling.

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Every day there is something wonderful

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Thralls drowning / disappearing
Single player game on PC (revision #606055/39625)
|Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz|
|Installed RAM|16.0 GB|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|
Wired connection

I have had 2 thralls drown / disappear in the last 2 days after updating to the latest version of the game mid December.
First to go was a human fighter thrall that had been placed into the “guard” position next to a main gate (re-inforced stone) on a foundation stone. After placing the thrall I came back to give them food and they were gone - no sign of them. no corpse, nameplate, item bag - nothing.
Second was a bear fighter thrall that had been placed close to a main gate (same type) at the other side of my base, freestanding not in a green “guard” position on the edge of a foundation. This one disappeared after I logged back into my game the following day.
The only 2 things thing in common was a palisade wall close, but not touching, to each thrall, but neither were taking damage. They were both on the right hand side of the gate (looking to ward gate from the front)
I had been preparing for a purge, setting up a guard contingent at the gates of my base. Previously all my thralls had been placed on ground inside my base away from walls and foundations. Other thralls on ‘guard’ at and near the gates are still OK.

Glad to know it’s not just me.

We’ve been having players and thralls alike randomly fall into foundations, and someone completely thru them causing them to fall to their deaths. On rare occasions of it happening, some players are able to fly around under the map. Seems to be completely random. U’ll just eb standing there and out of nowhere ur falling thru/into the foundation.

All my thralls within the radius of the tavern are constantly drowning in the foundation.

And the problem with characters falling into the foundation also exists on our official server. But we understood where it comes from. This happens to everyone at once when one of us starts Purge.

@Morticia I’m not sure it’s the tavern, two days ago I replaced the nemedian ceilings with foundations (I use ceilings because after last year’s bug experience I no longer trust them).
and even with the nemedian foundations the horses drown on server restart.
Last night I replaced the nemedian foundations with stable ceilings and today the horses are there, which cannot be said of Janos who by now I think has been eaten by cockroaches…

On the other hand, today we have tavern patrons who can fly

Consistent is the word you’re looking for.

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