Thralls, Elevators, Elevated Bases

Hello, Exiles!

I had a frustrating problem arise and I wanted to see if anyone can give me advice on a workaround.

I broke a Bearer Thrall on my wheel at my elevated base. The only way up or down is via some elevators I have set up. I told my thrall to follow me and went into the elevator. He fell to his death and is lost to me now. I like having an elevated base. I want to use my thralls when I venture out. I don’t want to build a giant stairwell to have them follow me down. What can I do? Has anyone else run into this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can try to create an elevator shaft/house to encircle the whole elevator path, so they can’t step outside the elevator? never tried this, so I’m just speculating.

click on the thrall, select move instead of follow
ride the elevator down, click to place on the ground
reverse procedure to go back up.

this is the only way I’ve found that keeps the thrall alive.

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That was going to be my next experiment, so thank you for confirming this technique!

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