Thralls can not be brought to elevated bases

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

There is no way to drag a captured thrall on and up an elevator if it is high enough.

First they don’t even stay in the elevator, instead they fall through the elevator floor and dangle in the air until they are randomly released (and often disappear)

Second if an elevator is in a corner or shaft it is near impossible to even get the thrall on the elevator as we can only drag, there is no way to REEL the thrall close to us, we must fight to drag and pull to get the positioning of the thrall on the elevator floor.

Finally and most frustrating, previously we could climb and continue to drag, now the thrall is released immediately when climbing so that is no longer an option. As climbing was an option I felt comfortable spending days creating a massive base that I can now not get thralls too

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Capture a thrall
  2. drag thrall
  3. attempt to climb while dragging (thrall is released)
  4. attempt to drag into elevator in shaft (near impossible)
  5. attempt to ride with thrall on any elevator (thrall falls through elevator bottom, released eventually)

Yep same issue, my base has long stairs around the cliff on the other side too…but I lost at least 5 Thralls coz they fell trough stairs ?..sometimes I am lucky and i manage to get them up…but 2 out of 5 will fall trough.

i have been having this issue but not every time i have noticed if they go under map on way up they die some times i come back see bodys but 1 time i seen one die in front of me i noticed they make it more often if i stand on edge away from wall then when on top i jump drag them up also i put foundations on the lip so now i lose 1 out every 5-6 I used to lose 4-5 so at least its better

Build a cheap wheel of pain at the bottom of your base and place the thrall in there and then remove the thrall so it goes into your inventory, which means you can now take the thrall anywhere


yea that’s what I have to do, but we shouldn’t have to, and not what’s intended.

Plus it’s more than a little silly, the entire base up top and then one stupid wheel by itself, out in the open at the bottom.

What they could do is allow us to carry unconscious enemies like we move our thralls but it always adds encumbrance regardless of perks, so it could just be used for climbing over little hills, stairs, or elevators.

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Think back to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan. The wheel of pain he was put into was very much out in the open.

What I tend to do is find a good location for thralls and build a WoP in a base just for that alone, a short stroll away and mostly off the beaten track as you can’t really hide something like that. People tend to avoid attacking them and more often than not if anyone is going to attempt to attack your WoP they need to wait for the taming to complete to be able to take your thrall for themselves. Just make sure your there to collect when the taming is complete.

Yeah and the basic wheel of pain feels like it takes the same time haha from a child to an adult :joy:

The wheel of pain is really obvious to hear though outside of a structure so it will be clear to someone what’s in there.

Are you sure about that as I’m sure I have had thralls stolen from the wheel of pain before it was done

I agree with you as it is frustrating. Right now I’m having to build stairs to drag the thrall up to my base and then distmantle them when I’m done. I figured that might be one of the disadvantages for building in a more defensible location

i always try to build the WoP next to the Thrall camps, saves so much time dragging them around the world
a T1 box around it should be enough to leave it there.
i mean who would break into a small house where obviously only a WoP is in (due to the size) to potentially steal some thralls and gruel. the good stuff is at the base to get.

having a base that is not comfortably accesible while dragging a thrall is a good sign that the base i very safe.

I don’t care about Conan, my point is if I build any item whether a wheel of pain, my campfire, my bedroom dresser I shouldn’t HAVE to place one item outside of my base stories below, by itself… that’s just silly.

Those who WANT to put their wheel of pain out in the open because they saw it like that in Conan, more power to them… but those who do not want to should NOT HAVE to.

In fact in reality that would be quite foolish leaving the prisoners far away from your base by themselves

Yep tried and tested on the PC. Removing a thrall from the WoP before it is tamed results in the thralls unfortunate demise.

Thralls can be brought to elevated bases, you have to understand what’s happening with the terrain, your building blocks and the areas around the wheel. I built a big Goblet Tower with a four-seater up top. Serviced only with an elevator, which traveled 6 blocks up to the wheel. Second, I had a base near the Ship, built into a cliff. That’s where I had the most trouble.

It’s do-able, takes a lot of experimenting, and waay too TLDR for this thread. But the best observation I can make is once you recognize thralls generally won’t fall through foundation blocks, dragging them through or over them can often “peel” them off of their leash. My suggestion is to pad out your path with ceiling tiles, because thralls are apparently meant to pass through them. :slight_smile:

Are you honestly telling me that your base is indestructible and that everything you have in it is perfectly safe?

Lets look at that. Yog can Fly to great heights and can decimate a base. Seige towers with a Trebuchet on it are far too easily made and can easily decimate any base if done correctly and finally Oil and Fire can cut through pretty much any base in moments on top of that there is the use of explosive Jars. Your base isn’t as safe as you think it is.

Yeah i have a Very Very elevated base using Foundations placed with in-game structures like the shattered bridge and i have 2 elevators that i use Just Fine with a thrall hanged with me while i Ride to to the top.

My Second base is safe from trebuchet, becouse u cant build a Tower near It cause its Land claimed with hidden Small blocks i have placed. Not a single GOD cant get There even Yog because is too High, even sandstorms dont happen There. Purge cant reach too. Only climbing could reach But not now cause i have tier 3 fences. People cant even launch orbs to my fences because There is no way to stand and reach It.

You aren’t correct! Just tested it there to double check. Must of had my thralls stolen then when they were finished.

No that is 100% not true and that is my problem, if you have a base that the ONLY way to get to it is with an ELEVATOR or CLIMBING, it is IMPOSSIBLE. Yes using terrain, stairs, or what have you, maybe… but if you don’t have that it can not be done because the thralls fall through the bottom of the elevator, and you can not climb with a thrall… that is the bug I listed at the start of this thread.

I have no idea what you are talking about at all, what does an indestructible base have to do with anything… it has NO bearing on the topic at hand.

Those users who want everything in their base they should be able to do that with the tools Funcom has provided us with, currently they can not due to a bug… this is the bug forum, I listed a bug.

Whatever your playing style or game preference style is only you care, again that has no bearing to anyone else’s play style or this bug.

Then you are luckier than me I have tried Three times and every single time the eventually the thrall disconnects and disappears completely, that is the bug, and why I listed it here. If they did just dangle until I got to the top I’d be fine with it, however I have not been able to do this once and have tried multiple times, even going up stairs thralls sometimes dissapear