Thralls falling into the foundation (old bug is back)

EU1 PVP TestLive server.

This is an old bug that is back.
We lost a bearer and didn’t know where he went, so we assumed a bug, but no way to know.

Today, a week or so later I found him:

He was almost completely inside a foundation.
I have taken him out and he’s ok.

So I guess the old bug where thralls fall into the foundation is back.

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Yes we have it to on a live official pve server. A while ago, one of three greater wolves fell inside foundations. Today my clan mate discovered the other two greater wolves placed in the same hall have disappeared into the aquilionian square foundations.

I frequently find two thralls stuck in t3 reinforced stone foundations, after they have fallen through the t3 ceiling tiles which are supported by t3pillars.
Sometimes when I approach instead of him running in place stuck in the foundation, one of these thralls takes off in a sprint away from this foundation into the distance until he hits a natural ridge…then he just runs against it…

i hadn’t bothered to make a bug report as it’s on the Trello community board with the status of being fixed internally and patched to test live…and so would fix itself when that goes to live … but I guess Sting01’s report indicates that it’s still not fixed.

Can confirm that i too lost a thrall down in my foundations

Yes, so def the good old bug back, need a refix before release to !

Didn’t happen for me these last days i must say, but i built just a small purge-base for testing, so and small and new may change some things.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it. It is also affecting the live version as many players confirmed :frowning:
Thanks for your feedback.


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