Thralls & Flotsam Ceiling/Wedge "Must Be Placed On Walkable Floor"

You can’t place thralls or pets on top of a Flotsam Ceiling or a Flotsam Wedge building piece. Doing so gives you the error Must Be Placed on Walkable Floor.

I have no problems placing a follower on a sandstone ceiling, or any other piece.

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And here is my workaround for this bug…

  1. Go to said bugged Flotsam Ceiling piece
  2. Place a Sandstone Pillar on top of the Flotsam Ceiling
  3. Place a Sandstone Ceiling on top of the pillar
  4. Set follower to ‘Guard’ on top of the Sandstone Ceiling
  5. Dismantle the Sandstone Pillar.

Tada! The follower will drop down to the Flotsam Ceiling and stay there.

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I have the same problem, but not only in flotsam ceilings but also in foundations. Not in all of them, just in some random, I don’t know why this happen, but it’s a problem that I have after the release of Isle of Siptah and the massive update.

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