Thralls "Scouting" ! What does that mean?!

What does a “Scouting” thrall mean?!

And do they fight back in PvP servers?!

I was going to write a wall of text explaining this, but then I realized there’s a better way. Here’s a link to the Conan Exiles wiki page about thralls:

The answer to your question is there, along with all the important details about thrall management.


Scouting is a temporary state, it’s what happens if you tell a thrall to stop following but don’t put them in guard mode. After a short amount of time scouting thralls will “return home” to the last spot they were set to guard.

They will attack if set to guard area or attack all enemies.


I checked this article, but I found no answer to my question if the thrall defend himself in pvp servers if it was scouting

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Scouting is essentially their returning home. So where you last placed then, they’re finding their way back.

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Technically once your “scouting” thrall is out of render range, it just goes home ( Returning home) This includes if you log out or are killed. I have never come across someone elses thrall wandering around trying to get home, just my own, and I am not sure if other players actually see it in this state (Returning Home) after you move out of range.

  • They will not return to their last guard spot unless:
    • You die.
    • You log out.
    • You leave the general area for some period of time.

While you are still in render range, it just stands there, in “scouting” mode, but it will attack anything while you are still in range if set up to attack all enemies.
There have been instances where I have died, ran back to my corpse, and my thrall is still fighting the Mob, even though it is in “scouting” mode.


Mainly occurs when you die and respawn, or change who will follow you. After that, alone, they just look around, kill stuff if they are ordered to and if they didn’t find you (or you find them) they go home - where you set them to guard. So nothing special, basically an awaiting status before deciding to go home.

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What? Really? What’s the point of thralls on a PVP server then?

I have once seen this, but have never tried to replicate it. I died about 1 grid from base. As I was running back to body my thrall sprinted past me and I actually followed it back to its guard position. Again, I may to replicate. I believe I died and got kicked from server. so it took @15 mins for me to relog…

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Followers always fight back vs PvE elements, putting them at risk for kiting and luring. VS players Followers fight back unless set to Passive, but only during PvP hours.

Followers in Following or Scouting Mode can be killed on a PvP server at any time. They will fight back during PvP but not during off-raid times.

When you deliberately leave your Follower by toggling the “Stop Following” command and take an obelisk, or bracelet away to your bedroll, your Follower stays in Scouting, and is ready to Return Home. After 10 minutes of your not coming back to them, they will go into the Returning Home state. Depending on whether other players were around, they will disappear. If they weren’t killed during that 10-minute interval, they will arrive at their home position the next time you go back there, or another player travels within their home position vicinity.

To test, have 3 castles, a bed in one castle, none in castle 2 and bedroll in castle 3, at different areas of map:

  1. Select thrall whose home is near your bed in Base 1.
  2. Make your thrall follow you.
  3. Take an Obelisk to Base 2 where your Follower will be safe.
  4. Tell thrall to Stop Following.
  5. Remove your Bracelet and spawn at your bedroll in Base 3.
  6. Wait 10 minutes:
    → Follower will be listed as Returning Home under Followers tab and Event Log
    → Their Map Icon will now be at the home location next to your bed in Base 1
  7. Remove Bracelet and return to your bed. Your Follower will be there, and the Event Log will register it.
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A great explanation :slight_smile: Just one thing I would add - the thrall’s “home position” is wherever they were when they were last placed on ‘guarding’. That does mean that if you place a follower on guard somewhere out in the world, that becomes the spot they will automatically return to when scouting, until you have a chance to set them on guard somewhere else. (I’ve seen a few people lose track of thralls or horses that way :wink: )