Thralls Vanishing into the ground

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

Hello there

I got a problem with my dancers. I had two and wanted to make them follow me for going into a dungeon. As they startet to follow me they.fell through a foundation now theyre dancing down there and of course i cant put new dancers on top cause theyre too close. I got a sililar Problem with the archers. When i put them on top of a foundation they will fall through. Is this a Problem witch will be fixed soon? And if so will the thralls vanish or get replaced or do I have to rip out the floor of my castle to find them and replace them myself? Fof now I just let them dance in the Ground as it gives my the buffs anyways…

I really apreciate some kind of response
Best Regards Dulrim