Three Skull Bosses

The 3 skull Snake Boss in the Unnamed City keeps glitching into the walls after death. It’s happened 3 times to me already.

Also the 3 skull Rhino Boss by Muriela’s Hope completely vanished upon death on me once.

I play single-player, no mods, test live.


If a mob disappears, leave the area then go back. 90% of the time they are laying there.

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As Hyborian said, it’s more than 90%, really. I tend to relog and quickly catch my thrall and it’s there awaiting me.

I also watch my thrall knock an NPC off a cliff, apparently to their death, when it’s a named crafter. Relog and he is at the top on the edge.

It’s a sync issue between the client and the server. Odd, since in SP they are on the same system, but it is what it is.




Bugs like this is not on testlive only, most of 3 skull bosses do that actually, i will count up to 3 from my expirience in 1301 server

  1. Snake - 50% : either spawns invisible, either after death just random disappear ( not helpinng even run away and back fix )
  2. Serpentmen boss and volcano skellos well - 80% if i kill it it just disappear, most times it even not respawning in runaway back fix, it just disappear or stuck into ceilings
  3. Red moma - falls tru ground when attacked - 90% , 10 % if lucky to kill in group she just dont have items at all or she disappears like snake
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