Post Patch/Hotfix 1.43 - Boss Corpses Disappear Underground

Game mode: [Online - PvE Official Server #3731]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [N America]

The most recent patch 1.43 seems to have fixed a variety of problems I actually did not really experience BUT has introduced one I haven’t dealt with before.
Now when I laboriously kill some dangerous Boss (3 skull type), their corpse disappears into the ground BEFORE I can harvest it for skeleton key, etc. I was particularly frustrated by this a couple nights back when I did a run through the Unnamed City killing bosses & grabbing fragments of power & special goodies. As per my usual route, I began in the N edge killing the Relic Hunters so I have a Heart for corruption, then I move the the W & basically go counter-clockwise.

  1. Kill easiest boss skeleton beast thingy in the NW corner - OK corpse remained.
  2. Kill (red? I’m a bit color blind - FYI maybe use BLUE for Event Log) Dragon under the W roadway - he got stuck under the game mesh on the stairway & refused to bust free even when I ran out of render range but I was able to kill him eventually - eventually I think I detected his body with pickaxe & harvest his bits but NO loot = fragment, legendary repair kit, etc.
  3. Kill ghostly Wraith dude in SW curved path - OK, corpse remained.
  4. Kill southside Dragon (green?) at the base of stairway - tough bastard, he didn’t get stuck in mesh or locked… BUT when he died body disappeared in the sand and could NOT be found no matter what I did.
  5. Kill Giant Snake in Citadel and its body immediately sank into the floor & could not be detected - I ran outside (out of render?) and came back & hooray, the body was back with goodies.
  6. Albino Bat boss - killed & corpse remained.
  7. Skeleton Wraith on E side with mini Army of the Dead - killed & corpse remained.
  8. Skeleton Wraith at firey altar in N center - killed & corpse remained.

Then last night I went off to gather gossamer & crystal in the Skittering (?) Caves and killed the giant spider boss (who looks meaner then the last time I was here). Again, its body disappeared into the ground immediately upon death, but thankfully did reappear when I ran out & back into render so I was able to harvest the skeleton key, etc.
BTW - side query: there used to be a locked skeleton chest near the base of one of the supports at this boss’s lair, but I have not been been able to find it for months - anyone know?

Conclusion - after killing NINE 3-skull Bosses in the past couple days, 2 corpses disappeared completely denying me 2 fragments of power, 2 legendary repair kits & 2 possible legendary weapons/armor, etc (a significant disappointment). while 2 corpses disappeared but did reappear if I ran far away (once or twice) & returned (a pointless inconvenience).

Anyone else notice this new wrinkle to our favorite fantasy world?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. See above epic poem
  2. No, really, read my magnum opus
  3. I can’t help you…