Post Patch/Hotfix 1.43 - Boss Corpses Disappear Underground

Game mode: [Online - PvE Official Server #3731]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [N America]

The most recent patch 1.43 seems to have fixed a variety of problems I actually did not really experience BUT has introduced one I haven’t dealt with before.
Now when I laboriously kill some dangerous Boss (3 skull type), their corpse disappears into the ground BEFORE I can harvest it for skeleton key, etc. I was particularly frustrated by this a couple nights back when I did a run through the Unnamed City killing bosses & grabbing fragments of power & special goodies. As per my usual route, I began in the N edge killing the Relic Hunters so I have a Heart for corruption, then I move the the W & basically go counter-clockwise.

  1. Kill easiest boss skeleton beast thingy in the NW corner - OK corpse remained.
  2. Kill (red? I’m a bit color blind - FYI maybe use BLUE for Event Log) Dragon under the W roadway - he got stuck under the game mesh on the stairway & refused to bust free even when I ran out of render range but I was able to kill him eventually - eventually I think I detected his body with pickaxe & harvest his bits but NO loot = fragment, legendary repair kit, etc.
  3. Kill ghostly Wraith dude in SW curved path - OK, corpse remained.
  4. Kill southside Dragon (green?) at the base of stairway - tough bastard, he didn’t get stuck in mesh or locked… BUT when he died body disappeared in the sand and could NOT be found no matter what I did.
  5. Kill Giant Snake in Citadel and its body immediately sank into the floor & could not be detected - I ran outside (out of render?) and came back & hooray, the body was back with goodies.
  6. Albino Bat boss - killed & corpse remained.
  7. Skeleton Wraith on E side with mini Army of the Dead - killed & corpse remained.
  8. Skeleton Wraith at firey altar in N center - killed & corpse remained.

Then last night I went off to gather gossamer & crystal in the Skittering (?) Caves and killed the giant spider boss (who looks meaner then the last time I was here). Again, its body disappeared into the ground immediately upon death, but thankfully did reappear when I ran out & back into render so I was able to harvest the skeleton key, etc.
BTW - side query: there used to be a locked skeleton chest near the base of one of the supports at this boss’s lair, but I have not been been able to find it for months - anyone know?

Conclusion - after killing NINE 3-skull Bosses in the past couple days, 2 corpses disappeared completely denying me 2 fragments of power, 2 legendary repair kits & 2 possible legendary weapons/armor, etc (a significant disappointment). while 2 corpses disappeared but did reappear if I ran far away (once or twice) & returned (a pointless inconvenience).

Anyone else notice this new wrinkle to our favorite fantasy world?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. See above epic poem
  2. No, really, read my magnum opus
  3. I can’t help you…

Hey there @Catspaw, thank you for taking the time to provide us with such a detailed post, we’ll be forwarding this information to our QA team so they attempt to replicate the reported issues.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you continue to experience these issues, as they might be hard to reproduce.

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