Throne of Skelos locks character in sideways position

Game mode: Online official | Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: America

After a certain amount of successful interaction with the Throne of Skelos, one’s character will suddenly sit sideways. This is irrevocable without disconnecting and relogging.

  1. Sit in Throne of Skelos early in play session
  2. Sit in it later (fight an NPC, leave the area, approx 2 hours)
  3. See that you are sideways and can’t escape as if Skelos is messing with your head!
  4. Exit server and log in again to correct it.

Sometimes this happens with ‘standard’ chairs, too…

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Hey @Barnes

We’ve heard reports about this issue in the past but it has been very difficult for our QA to reproduce. It’s even on our Trello board:

Could you post a screenshot of the character stuck in sideways position? For… research purposes.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow-up! I hadn’t considered this was a chair, (duh). :blush:

This is my Blood and Sand Pavilion, with the plane from Snakes on a Plane in the background. Other than a maproom on one of the tall islands behind me, plus a whole triple wrap of prickly fence, there’s nothing else built. The fuselage of the plane is full of my captured (expendable) best fighters so far. If I look like I’m sitting sideways and pouting, it’s because Dalinsia #1 just died to the Big Croc. What a crock.

This morning, I repeated what seems to work now every time.

  1. In third person, sit in the throne then exit
  2. Interact with something nearby
  3. Sit in the throne again, then exit
  4. Leave the area, and return
  5. From third person, attempt to sit in throne.
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Thanks, we’re sending it to QA.
Our apologies again for your sitting experience going sideways


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