Throwable shield *unwelcome gift*

heh any way to make this thing returning? just wondering lol

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it’s like throwing money on the street.

and going back to see a few days later to see if he is still there :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see this changed to a regular shield that is only thrown when you hold control and click (like the katana special attack)

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Now who do you think you are, Captain America? :smiley:

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If you throw it and miss, you lost it. The only way to gain it back is to kill the opponent npc or mob and then you will find it in the inventory of the one you kill!
Same happens with riptide and it is a really rare item!

You’re joking right?

This bloody thing comes back to me more often than a boomerang.

It’s all I ever seem to get! Give me the damn Black Blood pick already!

God I hate RNG…

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a chest full of them, and never use them. lol!


You’re farming the wrong demon chicken. :rofl:

The chicken boss that drops Black Blood tools, and the chicken boss who drops Unwelcome Gift, are two different enemies.


That’d be why then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

God I hate spamming the wrong enemy!


@Caffeine :+1:t6:.

@Crompox, Four caves! The lowest gives fragment, skeleton key and ammunition recipe.
The 2 middle ones (connected) give act of violence, Hollowbone bow and unwelcome gift (obviously you know it very well :laughing:) and the higher one black blood tools and skeleton key.
My run is spawn in volcano, exit the entrance, sometimes I kill the white dragon too, start from the higher one until the lower, kill rotbranch and go up to the higher to do the round again.
Now the thralls are not so strong anymore and these “chickens” hit really hard so I don’t spend so much time anymore up there!
Ofcurce I can go there with well trained perk too, but no, I prefer to be the executioner, not the thralls assistant, I spend too much time playing this way, enough to hate it :wink:.
Obsidian tools are legendary too!


Oh I didn’t realise it was that specific, I just kill them all, upstairs and downstairs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The unwelcome gift is exactly that.

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