Today’s patch is broken!


Cannot move items out of crafting stations, ignite transport stones, take armor off, run, or handcraft items.


You need to use the right thumb stick to move to an inventory menu. Then, if you need to craft, you need to use the right stick to move it again.

It is not working in general, can not access anything

It is working. If you are trying to access a bench, loot bag or chest, you need to use the right thumbstick to move the cursor over from your inventory to the other inventory. Then use the left stick to navigate. Then if you want to move back, or move to a crafting option, use the right stick again. It’s not organic at all.

This is garbage, still cannot run without breaking a controller. They need to unpatch this patch, this is unacceptable.


The running is awful. It feels like the thumb stick is going to break

My thumb has a big indentation getting some physical harm for the day :joy:

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Yea the 2 servers I play on are dead there hasn’t been any one on because of the update. They have effectively killed the servers.

Yeah this current running mechanics will cause stick drift very quickly.

And god knows that isn’t an issue on PS5 controllers lol

Beyond the controller issue is the ergonomic issue. I forsee many cases of tendonitis in the future from holding down the toggle.

Please been trying to do that all day long, the patch is broken

So its not just me unable to craft at all because the cursor only cycles the inventory-

Use your right stick to move the cursor between the inventory menu, storage, thrall, and crafting menu.

Left stick now only navigates the current menu the cursor is in.

Idk if that was sarcastic, but if it wasn’t. Your wrong. My controller is twitching bruh

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