TONS of Invisible Things. YEARS LONG PROBLEM?

Platform: PS4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Offline Single Player
Map: Exiled Lands

I’m a fairly new player and I have no idea what monsters these invisible monsters are or what they even look like, but they are everywhere.

There are invisible 1 or 3 skull enemies all over the place that kill you, and you don’t even know how or why you died. Even in the starting area there are invisible enemies. From what I’ve read I can guess some of these invisible enemies are dragons, exploding imps, and the king rhino at the very least. And apparently this issue has been going on for years?? That’s absolutely insane, especially when an update was released very recently with fixes for things. How is this such a low priority?

There are also issues with invisible items, such as when I went into The Dregs and couldn’t see the item under the boss. The only reason I knew it was there is because I saw the interact notification pop up and had to spam square until I managed to get it.

And there is also the issue with corpses/unconscious enemies disappearing almost 100% of the time if you simply look away from them, or go a slight distance away from them.

I actually would love to recommend this game to people, but these bugs make it very easy to just give up on the game.

There are plenty of other bugs I’ve noticed, but this one is by far the biggest issue.


I have the same problem, this was not a problem for me be for the updates, but now it is.

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Welcome to the Forum. Invisible npcs and creature’s are a pain. Funcom is aware and I for one would like a ETA or guesstimate of when it will be fixed. @Drah


Never. It’s ingrained into the fiber of the code. Lol it’s been years. I’m not sure they can fix it without recoding the entire game. Npc disappearance or falling through the map has been around at least 5-6 years that I have witnessed personally lol. It’s almost a part of the survival aspect at this point.

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