Too many bugs and impossible to get the road of the kings trophy

The Road of Kings trophy and bugs

I downloaded the game on ps plus extra, the game is unplayable, it crashes all the time, textures are buggy, how do you put a game like that?
if it was still a new game but the game is already old and you managed to make it unplayable, it’s no use even putting it in performance mode because it improves absolutely nothing.
Did you make changes to the journey and never once thought that there was a trophy attached to it and because of the changes you made now there is no way to get the The Road of Kings trophy anymore?
when they are going to fix these problems, several times I thought about buying this game but after downloading it to see how it was, I get completely frustrated by the game crashing all the time, there are times when it has horrible graphics, without textures, I hope that one day they fix it because I already uninstalled the game.

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This is presently a known issue that the Development team is aware of. I do not have an ETA for a fix.

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That is quite an accusation. They made sure that most of the achievements are attached to the new journeys, they just missed that one.

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@Skywallker The current issue is new and doesn’t happen on all servers. I have over 5000 hours with my primary character my wife probably more. What type of server are you playing on or want to play on. Coming in and saying the game sucks I Quit doesn’t help you out or anyone else.

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