Too Tall For Doors All Of A Sudden

This is a new issue for me. I’ve had tall characters before and never had an issue going through doorways. NOW, I have to crouch and though it might not seem like much, it’s annoying to have to always remember to crouch and I don’t always. Anyone else having this issue and/or know how to fix it?

Any help would be truly appreciated. Just getting tired of it and if anything, you know the smallest things can mess it up for some of us.

Thanks for any constructive responses.

I had this issue with a female character at max height once. It had to do with the ground in front of the door being slightly above grade.

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First pic is as it looks, standing up to the doorframe, the second is to show that I built up off the ground so there isn’t anything that should be obstructing it or my char from going in.

As @darthphysicist said I have had issues with character door frames on slightly lower foundations or tiles doesn’t really show till you wack your head. Try just putting a door frame in the middle of a room and walk under
Gotta go back to work.

Thanks, will give it a try and hope you have a great day.

Gave it a try and here’s the result, even took the foundations to the max build height as seen in the first pic.

And the result is…

He has my problem in japan…


Thanks anyway, hope we can get this resolved.

You are playing a modded server. Maybe a mod issue?

Thanks, will have to check that.

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Lol this picture I feel sums up your experience. image Unfortunately I think your only option is to reset character and shorten them but there may be others ways to fix this, idk.


You are one tall dude. I am on ps4 going to try offline game and experiment will get in touch. Been home about 30 minutes wanted to check update any how.

@Chunksaflyin ok I layed down foundations put down 6 door frames of different types. Will send pictures cleared all of them. Max height max boobage for fun . Would have gone female didn’t know if there is a height difference on my server my Male character is max height 99 % sure been along time. I have been stuck in other people’s bases when taking a tour.

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Ok I have screwed up the picture can’t get them to my phone will try to take a picture. Old farts aren’t good at this stuff be back

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Sorry they are out of order. Adjusted chest size and physique after screen shot. Going back to my game now hope this helps @Hugo @Ignatius. Ps I am not a fan boy to anyone who is concerned.


Did have MODS, removed any new ones I hadn’t used before and restarted game. Still having same issues. How do I do a clean uninstall/reinstall to get it working again? I think I know what mod might have been the culprit, but I removed it and it’s still not working.

Can’t really play with this ducking all the time.

Sorry I am on Ps4 we don’t have mods unfortunately I recommend @Barnes @Wak4863 and some of the other not only pc players who have helped this game progress. Time to crash let me know how it turns out.

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