Problems with tallest warrior

Hi everybody, i suppose i’m not the only one to had build a tall warrior, in my case a big tall beautiful woman but my problem is this one. When you take an elevator who start in a building you’re not able to stay in a natural position you need to be squad to pass the door. So my proposal is do higher door or don’t let the possibility to build tall warrior like this and decrease the maximum tall when you build your warrior at the beginning of the game.


This is correct. If you walk an antique city you have to take care for your head.


Being tall really does come with door top issues, so this is really an immersive aspect. Should they warn yo u when creating, maybe. But in reality, it is understood, tall means head aches. short means top shelf problems.


You should not attempt to explain away an oversight as being immersive. This flaw gets people killed or stuck, and irl tall people seamlessly duck while walking, without going full crouch. We are not playing 9 foot tall giants. The difference between tall and short is maybe, a foot. Devs should absolutley fix this, its a no brainer.

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I just have big tiddy problems, my spectacular bosom makes it hard to look down in-game.

I can’t even see my feet :sob:

You know how hard it is to accurately place decor and building parts below you with big tiddies? I wish this problem on no one. :cry:

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Pictish Wizard chest piece does this to my male character as well, but obviously it can be removed. I would never wish to reduce your epic bosom for functionality’s sake, so you can trust me when I say that I feel your pain.

I had issues getting into a black ice door frame but was able to get into a reinforced door frame, no ducking necessary. So I don’t think it’s the same across the board, just with certain pieces. And I’m not sure what’s more frustrating, having to duck for black ice, or it not being a uniform problem.

Hello Friend. I also have this problem in xbox one … if you put a height higher than the default (middle), the character gets on your knees when you stop walking. Sometimes one leg is stretched out.

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