The height scale need to be fixed

these measurements don’t make sense… unless everyone in the conan universe is very tall. The minimum height is 6 foot 2 ? the middle height is 6 foot 5 and the maximum height 7 foot!

The height is as tall or short as you wish to imagine it.

For a 1:1 reference, the heightboard I put in the other thread at 100x400 units as a Pippi wallpaper matches UE4’s 256 height blocks. Which makes a 1.0 character ~6’6". However the version on the server I play has it set to 100x420ish (don’t remember the exact units), which makes 1.0 6’2" which is right around the canon height of Conan according to Robert E. Howard.

There is nothing broken here. The heights of the characters look proportional to the buildings and structures and the tools and weapons they use. The only reason you are bringing this up is because you read a thread about the devkit units.

A devkit centimeter does NOT have to equal a ingame centimeter. No more than an Imperial Gallon equals an American Standard Gallon.


The number means little, Its how you scale visually to other objects.
I use shortest height, how you look next to other tables… your short.

I look at it same was as maps, when there like its so and so Km so and so km. (its SO HUGE!) But all objects are miss scaled when placed. So value isn’t really on spot anyway.

Like Horses are massive, compared to you. I know my Aunt and Uncle had quite a few(raised horses) Ones in Game feel off…

I can imagine the default height to be 5’5 and it would make sense?

I don’t know why it needs to be harder than it is.

Each foundation block or wall is 256 cm tall.

EDIT: I have shrunk a bit, I am in real life 195 cm tall.

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Honestly, in this age of giant kings, and ice giants, I don’t think it’s a massive issue really, at least not in my opinion.

The only problem regarding height that I’ve run into is doorways and elevators.
I found after building a lift-shaft, a clan mate of mine (who chose the max height when creating his character) couldn’t actually fit through the doorway I had made (in order to use the lift itself) He was just too tall for it.

I just made him use the stairs :grin:


The horses are oversized, even for the height of the characters riding them.

Default is 1.0 and is proportionate to everything else as ‘normal’. .95 appears short and 1.05 appears tall. You’re literally trying to ask for changes that are irrelevant. And changes to players’ characters who have been fine for literally over three years.




Really? I dunno, I’ve lived around horses. They seem fine in this game to me. Some breeds are astonishingly large!


whats irrelevant

i play since early access without having any idea about my characters height… for me its normal , short or tall… what difference would it make for the gameplay to know ur height? why a company should waste even a second from developing matters that really need fixing to bring up a scale? how would that benefit the average and normal player?


Not only doesn’t it matter for the average or normal player. But it would cause problems for thousands of users who have the heights they enjoy.

Its literally an arbitrary semantic reason only. “I want 1.0 to be this height so I feel better.”


Ooooh! Yummy! Just the kind of topic I can’t resist debating to death after the thread has otherwise ended. :crazy_face: :laughing:

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But everything is scaled up corresponding to the characters, so it is unnoticeable that the player is a giant.
Except in SEPERMERU… (Or they are just dwarves :laughing: )

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That’s on the average to small side for a horse. Probably the camera angle, but it looks a little scrawny too. Prolly need to check it’s teeth… :smiley:

The character is max height ingame

As stated previously, I am 6’5" IRL. The top of my Morgan’s head comes just to my eyebrows. Excluding her ears, I’m a half a head taller than Gracie. Our deceased legendary Raider was a Thoroughbred and peaked well above a top hat on top of my head.

Same here. Hello fellow freak lol.

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I join to the tall club with my 195 centimeters!
Strangely it is not represented in the game, I always set my character to the shortest…

Horses are measured at the shoulder in “hands”. A “hand” is 4 inches. A good sized horse is often 18hh but can be 20hh or a little more. 18x4=72" == 6 feet = 183cm.

The average height of a man in the USA according to Wikipedia, is 5’ 9" for men. “Tall” would be 6ft ~ 6’ 2" - for a man and gigantic for a woman.

This means that a “tall” man would be looking up at a “good sized” horse’s shoulder and a saddle horn would be measurably over his head. And that’s not even what it is with character max size in CE. In CE with character “middle to Max height” you’re about eye-level with the horse’s shoulder.

My character is also max height and the horse is shorter than me. I don’t have to look up even to see the saddle horn and the horse measures to about my mouth or chin. I’m either very tall and the horse is average or I’m a giant and the horse is too. Take your pick but the horse’s height feels very natural to anyone who has actually been around horses. :wink:

Shire Stalin, 4 years, 18hh.

6 years, 18.41hh


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