Does anyone know the height scale?

I guess the middle marker is like 5’5 - 5’7

I dunno either but the block size is said to be 256cm x 256cm x 256cm according to a poster/player/moderator here and the Wiki.

Given that bit and the the fact that a logged off or unconscious player/mob lays straight most of the time, you could measure against that.

idk how to work with that

Are you in a clan with other people?

When you log out your character’s toes remain where they were prior and the character falls face first in whatever direction they were facing. So…

Step 1: stand with your toes on the seam of two foundation blocks looking straight across the block(s) and log out. Then have a clan member screen shot it while standing over your head.

Step 2: Download an image of a one meter ruler and lay three of them end to end over that screenshot in another layer. Size the ruler layer so that 256 CM is at one seam (block end) and the zero is at the other end of the block.

Step 3: Then just look at where your head is on the ruler.

You can do the same a tad less accurately by stacking blocks and screen shotting yourself in 3rd person standing up against the blocks,


1.0 is about 6’6"

Unfortunately .95 isn’t 95% of that.

Anyone who has Pippi installed can use this image:

As a wallpaper 100x400. It will roughly be the proper size. The increments are in feet. Currently the server I play on uses that height board, but set at 100x420 to make the 1.0 height closer to 6’2" (around the height of Conan lorewise)

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For a more crude way of determining height:

In real life the average door is aprox. 2 meters/80 inches in height.

Stand in a doorway and guestimate :slight_smile:


all we need is banana for scale , but game has not implemented bananas yet XD


Could use human skulls as a marker maybe? Shrug

so i found out that 192 cm is the default character height at the middle mark… so all the characters are like 6’2. Do you know what half of that (height wise) or the tick marker at the end. what height is that?

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