What is the height of the characters?

I have been looking everywhere I can for the past four days, and seem unable to find this information. Not in any RP forums I have hunted down, Steam, here, or any google-fu searching either.

Basically, what is the height of our characters?

The slider for height does not say anything. We simply have the ‘cross’ we are crucified on to measure with.

If I wanted my character to be 175cm, I have nothing to measure that with. My character may end up larger or shorter. Now, if my friend playing with me, wanted a character that was 8cm shorther than mine, my friend has no means of knowing what that is.

So, my question is, what is 0 on the slider as far as height for males and for females, and what is 100% on the slider for each gender?

My suggestion is, add a simple height bar to character creation, or a measurement on the slider that states what the minimum and maximum height is, in cm. (or feet/inches for NA, however I’m sure they could do the conversion themselves.)

It would really help many of us who want to role-play character we created, with various lore backgrounds, where minimum and maximum height are determined.

Other than that, as far as I am aware, I’m having a blast with Conan Exiles! Awesome game! :smiley:


Idk if this helps, my character has the same height as the distance from to ground to an elephant’s knee of its front leg, and she is 1/6 (max-min) taller the minimum height you can possibly set.