Game Play & Character Height

As you all know, we have 3 choices of character height in the game. Does this make a difference at all to overall character playability?

For example,
1, Are there any spots on the map which a short character can crawl through but a tall character can’t?
2, Does having a taller/larger character give you a larger hit box?
3, Does a smaller character require fewer calories per day to survive?
4, Is a larger character stronger?

Only time I seen where height mattered is some doors at an elevator, the tall character has to crouch to get through the door.

Would be kind of fun.
There are several options which lets the character seem rather strong, agile or simply healthy.

If those would give some extra points in stats…
I know, this is against what the devs want, so its just dreaming.

Dong/Boobs-slider would be about wanting more agility with smaller parts, or more grit with bigger parts.
Having a slim body would end up being more about accuracy, while a musclehead would gain strenght.
Being small ends up with bones not getting to the limites because of bones (causing more encumbrance), while being tall might end up in more vitality.

While the mid would give +1 to both, the ends of those settings would leave one with that stat getting +2.

I just wanna know the exact value of the minimum and maximum…