Does Character length influence character attack reach?

As stated in the title, I was wondering if the length of my character influences my attack reach.
In simpler terms:

Does a tall character = a long attack range?
Does a small character = a shorter attack range?

It would make sense, seeing as taller characters seem to have a bigger hitbox.

I started wondering when I tried to figure out if one would dash further using combatclaws when you have a bigger character.

Honestly don’t know, but my guess is no. It has to do with collision boxes and that kind of things. Weapons do have an impact on range though, I think spears have the widest range, and two-handed swords also, but character height doesn’t afaik. It would be logical that longer arms turn into wider reach, immersive wise.

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If this is the case, that would be disappointing seeing as having a shorter character has so many comparative advantages to having a taller character (being able to fit inside “hobbit houses” without crouching, some doorway + stair combinations are entirely impossible for taller players to enter resulting in much, much more expensive raids due to having to brake more building parts to move through, being harder to spot and finally being a smaller target to hit).

I really hope your wrong here, in all honesty.

I’m a tall guy irl and I dislike the idea of having a shorter character, but I don’t like the idea of playing with so many disadvantages in a competitive PVP environment, in all honesty just having a longer reach would make it worth it :slight_smile:

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It does. I tested it. It’s around 1.5 feet longer on highest size. (Tested with spear)

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Particularly tall characters tend to fall through the world when fighting things like Rhinos. But I think they fixed that.

I like using the height that doorframes are designed for.

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