What the average height of the character at the default setting? help please

I belive it’s like 5’7. What do you guys think The short range is like 4’10 - 5’5. The middle range is 5’6-5’10 and the tall range is 5’11 - 6’5. Help me out here, I’m basing my character of someone who is like 5’6 -5’7.

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I have never seen it mentioned in the Forum. You could go to your offline game and compare your self against a foundation there been mention of there height somewhere.

A foundation block or wall is 2.56 meters tall. If you are 5.5 feet tall, you are 1.68 meters tall.

Divide 1.68 by 2.56 and you get .66, which is roughly 2/3. Using the Orb of Nergal, make your toon 2/3 the standard wall height.


That is a 1.0 character in height (default) with a height board based on 256cm height walls. Roughly about 6’6" ish.


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