Torch & Bracelet Ideas

We have the basic braziers that emit normal light, but what if we had braziers out of Glowing Goop, Radium, or Witchfire?
I think it’d be cool to see different torches and braziers around a base instead of the basic designs.
Add Radium and Witchfire handheld torches as well.
And another thing: Torch Radius Amplifier Kit.
And an endgame thing that would be nifty, is this:
The reason why it’s endgame because you’ll replace the gem in your bracelet with a Radium gem, changing the color of it and have a torch on your wrist.
The bracelet torch has been requested by others before, but I wanted to expand on it.
You can get the recipe for it at ChaosMouth. Near the altar is a note, talking about a Radium gem and the bracelet. Put the six recipes for the Keystone and a Radium gem into the altar. Instead of withdrawing the Keystone from the Altar, take the Radium Bracelet and equip it.
The bracelet will start to emit a small ray of light that can be upgraded through the torch kit mentioned earlier.
The same process can be repeated with the other torches, but will need to bring a single torch, and not the materials.
What’d you think of these?


I whole-heartedly vouch for these ideas, especially the idea to alter the colour of the flame that is emitted from the braziers.

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Cool ideas man, though I definitely wouldn’t be near that if so.

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