Zamorian braziers and alternatives?

I like the new braziers, though a bit expensive as usual, but I’ll leave that for another day. The designs are nice, as is having a proper hanging brazier I can put on the end of my docks. However, I really gotta wonder why a game that’s so lag intensive due to textures, and most importantly, excessive animations, has yet to give a proper alternative to non-animated lights? I’d like to see some pretty, and maybe lore friendly alternatives, much like these zamorian braziers, but maybe using a crystal or a glass (like the wall lantern). So far, the only dlc we’ve seen that works like this are the khitan lanterns. Why must we pay big bucks to slow down our games, especially on console? Most people resort to only using radium torches for this reason, but they’re ugly af outside maybe some ominously creepy tower or something. Please consider making alternatives to the radium torches in the style of these newer braziers. Don’t get me wrong, the flames are pretty, and more lore friendly, but the game has its limitations and people make bases with these things all over, not even realizing the lag.

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I like the look of those hanging lights as well, but I haven’t actually bought them from the Bazaar.

Yeah, I had to run off to work, so I only got the hanging ones crafted. Need to check the others later. Regardless, I’d like to see them give us more static lights to conserve memory.

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Plus the wall lantern is so cute. I wouldn’t mind torches with bulbs of neat glass and intricate ornaments, pretty much like street lamps with a Conan Exiles twist to them.


Definitely! I’d use the wall lantern more if it put out more light.

It’s true that it doesn’t produce much light.
A long time ago, I used to put the wall lanterns next to the doors on the outside of my base, just in case my torch would break during a purge at night without anything to repair it lol.
It was on a private server on which one of the rules was to minimize the flames on the outside because of the lag.

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The glowing sticks don’t have a flame animation I think, and you can use them in place of torches. (You can get the recipe from the low-level Dregs dungeon)

If you didnt know, glowing sticks are like torches that function underwater also.

The floor standing torches produce more light than wall-mounted ones, for some reason.

Yeah, I’m aware of the glow sticks. They’re even uglier than the radium torches. The point is to have some nice looking alternatives, not bones with glowing goop attached to them. There’s very few suitable options.

100% Agree with having more non-animated light and brighter light sources. We could really use new styles of lighting that don’t flicker or move in any way.


Flame animation does seem memory intensive.

Also, this one noticed these devices, which are exquisitely wrought, don’t have a large light radius.
Compare to standing or protected torches or iron braziers.

But they are absolutely gorgeous.
This one simply cannot remain unhappy with that cute little spider fire pit.
A necessity for gracious zathite living.

If these could be colour altered, that would be magnificent. But fires tend to be as static in colour as they are dancing of flame.

Alternatively, a different skin for radium lighting would be most appreciated.

Regardless of any other wibbles this one might have, full respect to those who design these gorgeous little placeables.
This and the Turan pieces have just been sumptuous in appearance.


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