Little suggestion

if not already done or study
I would very much like the addition of the possibility of planting trees yourself directly, yourself with the addition of a suitable gardener.

then for the various lamps, would it be possible to have a slider to adjust their brightness? it would be really nice to be able to work on rendering the lights
even if I doubt very much that it is possible on Ps4


Believe me, a lot of people in the past asked for tree planting, we even beg for a dlc allowing us to do it, it would be awesome :+1:t6:.
About the light issue again dlcs have a great number of different lamps that can give you different outcomes. I really love the turanian desk lamps and the khitan lanterns, actually all the khitan lamps are awesome, but the lanterns I love the most. Even vanilla ways of lighting are surreal, beautiful. So I believe you can adjust the lighting in a place in many ways, but trees is another thing, I want them badly.


actually I also juggle a lot with different lamps but I find the potential limited especially when we want a decoration respecting a specific theme and that we can not hide :wink:

the trees and I didn’t want to be abused but a mill I dream of a mill, the mill is missing :rofl:


To achieve the gorgeous purple glow inside your Stargate build, did you place torches behind the big purple banners? It’s very nice and soft!

I would like to be able to dim my torches rather than toggling them off. It would be nice if the game remembered that I’ve turned them off, as well.


I’m guessing they used radium torches with magenta dye. If not, I’d like to know what they actually used, so I can learn a new trick :slight_smile:


Radium with Magenta goes beautifully with Stormglass! :+1:


I really like the ideas here, one thing I would say about decorative trees is they need to look different from normal trees

Players should be able to tell from a fair distance that something is a decoration and not a resource


@Barnes @CodeMage Personally I create cavities where I can place “retro” lighting whith brazier or torch according to theme, for the pyramid torch radium placed under the stairs

the brazier stygien ofer a very nice rendering for the contrast on the volume

like here where the braziers are in the buttress of the viaduct


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