Zamorian Ground Lantern

Has anyone bought the new Zamorian Ground Lantern from the Bazaar? I’m wondering about how much light it gives off before I spend the money of it. If it’s just like a torch, that’s fine. But if it’s like the white wall torch, which does pretty much zero light, I’d rather pass.

Thanks in advance.

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it looks pretty cute: short (half the height of an ordinary lantern) and attached almost everywhere - on the floor, on objects. but doesn’t glow very well. :melting_face:

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Thanks for the update! While I’m all for cute cosmetics, I’ve got more than enough “cute” lanterns that I don’t need to pay for another.

Radium lights it is. Ah well.

It’s actually nice because it’s a ground lamp that’s not at all as bright as all the others that are available. So if what you want is lower light conditions it’s great.

Is there any videos\screens?

i bought it, its pretty, not much light, fit well like an garden light, i think the zamorians like gardening.

I think they like sneaking in the shadows, and bright light is anathema to them.


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